Automated Engineering: 
Bound for the Smart Factory

Automated Engineering:
Bound for the Smart Factory

Automated engineering with zenon

Automated engineering with zenon

When implementing the vision of Industry 4.0, there’s no way of getting around automated engineering, which is not only a necessity but a competitive advantage in a manufacturing industry shaped by hyper-individualization and cost pressure.


But, is automated engineering really all that new? How does it specifically support the setup of projects in highly complex manufacturing environments? And what are the benefits for manufacturers (OEMs) and system integrators?


Get the answers in our spotlight on automated engineering.

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  • Automated Engineering: Breakout

    Automated engineering has developed from a pipe dream into a trailblazer for lot size 1, thus pushing the boundaries in manufacturing.

  • Video: Automated Engineering

    Want to be flexible and efficient at the same time? Be able to master technical complexity without errors? How to face the demands of the Smart Factory...

  • Why Automated Engineering with zenon?

    How can OEMs benefit from automated engineering despite the ever growing pressure for efficiency and what can system integrators expect from it?

  • Systems Engineering

    During the 1990s, the dream of automating complex systems became reality. But what does systems engineering actually mean? A journey back in time ...

  • Decentralized Intelligence for Modular...

    The DIMA project’s goal is to customize and modularize the future of manufacturing – COPA-DATA is closely involved.

  • Putting Automated Engineering into Practice

    Which tasks is this technology ideal for and how does automation with XML work? Create projects even more efficiently with zenon.

  • zenon automotive generator (zag)

    The wizard for automated data analysis and implementation of visualization projects is convincing big automotive manufacturers including AUDI AG.