zenon Software Platform

zenon Software Platform

Designed to make your life easier.

zenon is a software platform that makes the engineering and automated operation of manufacturing and infrastructure equipment incredibly easy. Whether working in manufacturing or in the energy industry, zenon can help you reach and sustain your operational goals.

Comprehensive software for manufacturing and energy

zenon ensures that equipment runs reliably, flexibly and efficiently. Decision makers, engineers and operators in manufacturing companies and energy distribution are able to connect all relevant areas using this comprehensive software platform, from project creation through maintenance. This results in a notable increase in overall equipment effectiveness.

Empowering people

Using zenon, all users – from production through to management – can create synergies and make a sustainable impact on business in a measurable and positive way.

Enabling the digital transformation

The zenon software platform provides one integrated environment that combines data recording, machine operation, and business intelligence. This helps businesses to maintain a competitive edge throughout the digital transformation.



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Independence from system requirements

zenon is designed to run on common industrial clients and operating systems. Using industry-leading database systems, zenon securely stores and evaluates data and parameters.

For visualization, zenon uses web technologies such as HTML5 to enable access to dashboards and reports via a web browser. This allows access for control and monitoring from any location, independent of the underlying communication technology. An increasing number of other peripheral functions is also independent of hardware and operating systems.



Efficient individualization

zenon is largely implemented by experienced system integrators that are trained, qualified and kept up to date as members of the COPA-DATA Partner Community.


Customer-specific projects are created in the engineering environment, which integrates seamlessly with the runtime system. Project creation is supported by numerous automated functions and is usually completed simply by setting parameters. Engineering with zenon therefore does not require any in-depth software skills. Users have the option of integrating program code in a variety of languages and from various sources, such as mathematical and simulation software.


zenon automation projects do more than just connect all common industrial control systems. The integrated IEC 61131-3 soft PLC can seamlessly integrate projects with PLCs based on uniform data and without interfaces.


Using a WinCC-to-zenon converter, project engineers can enhance the efficiency of existing equipment and equip it with zenon’s expanded options by converting legacy software projects.


zenon fulfills all criteria of FDA 21 Part 11, enabling the greatest possible flexibility within legal regulations. Using templates and a wide range of wizards, development logging, and project versioning, as well as automatic document drafting, zenon simplifies project validation for regulated industries such as Food & Beverage and Pharmaceutical.


Using integrated simulation tools, zenon enables project creators to test projects under real-life conditions during the creation process, without the presence of hardware. Direct simulation with the real PLC code under real-time conditions in the integrated IEC 61131-3 environment improves security and speeds up commissioning.

Scalability and interdisciplinarity

zenon is highly scalable. It facilitates designing projects of almost any size, from an individual machine to an entire company including all systems. zenon's object-oriented design methods ensures resource-efficient projects. In addition, different projects can sync up very easily, both horizontally and vertically, with or without an overall higher-level project.


As a result, users can easily create interdisciplinary solutions, such as the automation of both discrete and process-oriented production or energy and building technology. zenon has extensive options for the ergonomic integration and activation of various network infrastructures as well as powerful multi-project administration.

Openness and integration

zenon’s comprehensive list of open interfaces and native drivers makes the integration of field devices and control systems easy. This facilitates comprehensive communication between machines and facilities and the seamless integration of shop-floor and business level.


zenon supports open standards, such as OPC UA or MQTT, as well as standardized interfaces, such as those with ERP systems like SAP. This streamlines integration with the value creation chain and supports IT and OT convergence. The zenon Web Server helps to load projects on the intranet and Internet without prior adaptation. A web engine serves as a universal data transport mechanism from and to external systems.

High performance and security

As data volumes continue to grow, zenon optimizes hardware and system resources thanks to its intelligent handling of information. This ensures high performance while minimizing hardware costs.


zenon provides protection against data loss and unauthorized access with a comprehensive package of start-to-finish security features; from heavy encryption to authentication, file signature, interfaces with security certification, and user administration tailored to meet the requirements of the FDA. As a result, zenon can be integrated into existing security concepts without additional effort.

Easy human-machine interaction

zenon supports its users as operators and decision makers by displaying even complex systems and processes in an easily understandable way, supporting well-founded decisions with visualized data and processes, and allowing direct intervention.


With zenon, operators can control and monitor equipment in their preferred languages and measuring units. This allows exporting machinery and plant manufacturers to create projects for worldwide use with a single, universal project. Furthermore, with the zenon Chameleon Technology, the ergonomic machine and system control adapts flexibly to the individual requirements of individual operators.


zenon’s wide range of graphical options provides superior usability in systems operation. These include operation via multi-touch gestures, animated process images, and a “world map” as a navigation aid for extensive equipment and entire plants.


zenon provides tools for easy and secure control of complex equipment and production processes with little need for direct intervention. As a plant calendar, the zenon Production & Facility Scheduler controls systems and production processes based on date, time, event and production status. Recipe management makes it easy to edit and save any number of parameter sets, and the Recipe Group Manager simplifies the management of complex recipe collections.


With zenon, control and documentation can be based on shift information. That data can subsequently be used in the calculation of key performance indicators and reports. A workflow engine integrated with the software platform guides operators along defined workflows. The integrated recording documents process execution without interruptions.

Full information at all levels

From the HMI through to the management level, zenon ensures consistent collection, evaluation and presentation of data. With functions such as Report Generator, Report Viewer, Archive Revision, Extended Trend Monitor and extended analytical functions, users can enjoy a quick and clear view of even the most complex correlations. The analytical capabilities of zenon range from simple key performance indicator calculations through complex analyses for statistical or predictive process control based on historical and/or real-time data. This supports users – from machine operators to top management – with all necessary information to make quick and sound decisions accordingly.


Across systems and facilities, zenon provides a wide range of options for modeling and contextualizing data and for defining and using metadata, such as batches, shifts, alarm/event classes and causes of error.


zenon’s alarm function and Chronological Event List provide all the necessary tools for detecting errors and their causes and responding consistently. This is also fully compatible with standards such as FDA 21 CFR  Part 11. The zenon Industrial Performance Analyzer provides a quick overview of all alarm messages. It supports the statistical evaluation of alarm data and efficiently visualizes the data.


Despite the location, operating personnel and decision makers receive alarm messages or system notifications through zenon Message Control. They can respond to these using the Notifier App.


The Smart Checklist replaces paper lists, helping to reduce work effort and errors and simplifying storage, data management and testing processes.


With zenon, equipment can be mapped and integrated along with associated metadata for administration.  Likewise, a digital twin can be mapped using process data. Asset Management in zenon facilitates efficient maintenance and provides support throughout the lifecycle of equipment.

Robust and future-proof

In operation, zenon provides the utmost operational security and system availability due to its robust platform as well as its resource saving data and programming structure.


The software platform's network technology features seamless redundancy and circular redundancy, enabling maximum system availability with full data security and without downtime.


Maintenance, troubleshooting and the creation of individualized applications can be completed in the development environment simply by setting parameters. The zenon Diagnosis Server and the zenon Process Recorder enable traceable post-event fault and malfunctions analyses. New or modified functions are reloaded by Hot Reload during operation - with no need to restart.


Even though zenon is continuously enhanced and further developed, compatibility will always remain a priority. This means the platform can be flexibly adapted to modified business processes and maintained in a simple way throughout the lifecycle of the equipment.


The annual release cycles for zenon provide a consistent program for introducing enhanced functionality. Learn more here about the latest highlights.

Know today, which part might be broken tomorrow? Forward thinking maintenance makes this possible. More efficient production with predictive maintenance.

The IoT and IIoT are two of the leading technologies in the digitization revolution. Learn how they work and how your organization can leverage their capabilities using zenon Software Platform.

SCADA plays an integral role in industrial operations under Industry 4.0. With a SCADA based on zenon, you can improve operational insights, control processes and make data-driven decisions.

Industrial control systems continue to advance. With an HMI based on zenon, you can easily communicate with machines and obtain operational data from across your equipment and facilities.

Customized HMIs offer ergonomics for machine operators in smart factories.

Implement an Energy Data Management System in accordance with ISO 50001 with the zenon Software Platform.