Energy data management system for industrial processes

In industrial processes, energy management is crucial to productivity and energy efficiency, but it's not a simple task. You can handle energy management manually, but you run the risk of missing vital information in the process. By implementing an energy data management system (EDMS), manufacturers can collect and archive information easily. At COPA-DATA, our software platform called zenon introduces intelligent integration and an easy-to-use energy management dashboard.


Challenges of energy management for manufacturers

Managing energy usage is not easy in the manufacturing world. When it comes to energy management, manufacturers confront several challenges, including:


  • Budget: Energy usage is a delicate aspect of manufacturing. When managed poorly, manufacturers may use more energy than they need for productivity. Ultimately, this mismanagement in the product line can lead to high expenses you might not be able to afford. The goal is to minimize usage while maximizing output.
  • Data: Manufacturers need energy data to make informed decisions about productivity and power levels. Energy tracking solutions need to account for multiple machine usage and power inconsistencies. However, time-consuming sampling processes can't offer data in real-time, and operation leaders end up losing out on opportunities to optimize productivity.
  • Government assistance standards: To gain government aid, operations may need to meet certain efficiency standards. These regulations can be extensive and challenging to complete independently, and without them, manufacturers lose financial support. 
  • Climate change responsibilities: Energy usage is a concern because of its connection to climate change. Many large manufacturers want to meet efficiency benchmarks and may feel a level of social pressure to reduce their environmental impact. Customers are increasingly curious about production methods and whether a company is eco-friendly, and manufacturers need to meet these standards.


What is energy data management? 

Energy data management systems use the Internet of Things (IoT) devices and sensors to gather usage information in real-time. Rather than compiling this information manually, the EDMS does the work for you, presenting you with readable data for interpretation.


With this data, manufacturers can actively update energy usage practices to improve efficiency. An established EDMS is the foundation of a fully automated factory. It digitalizes data and gives practical evidence of energy usage. Manufacturers can use an EDMS to vastly improve their operation, from environmental impacts to money spent.

How an EDMS helps manufacturers

Integrating an EDMS into your production line can offer a variety of capabilities and benefits to your operation. With an energy data management system, you can:


  • Collect data from various sources. A standard industrial operation runs multiple pieces of equipment and systems with different power consumptions. A critical aspect of comprehensive data collection is pulling energy usage statistics across production lines and facility management. An EDMS makes this collection possible when integrated into your operation.
  • Receive an overview of energy consumption. By collecting data from multiple sources, an EDMS gives a complete snapshot of your energy usage. It offers all of this information in a single location, so you can identify trends in usage and alter your operation accordingly.
  • Monitor data from new and existing equipment. Old equipment may fall behind in efficiency compared to more recent models. With an EDMS, you can compare usage between new and existing machines to increase efficiency and ensure effective consumption monitoring.
  • Identify areas to improve energy efficiency and reduce consumption. An EDMS gives you access to trend reports and equipment performance, allowing you to find and change the aspects that are less effiecient. If you find a machine with high energy usage and low productivity, you can schedule repairs.
  • Evaluate deviations to avoid costly errors. Every piece of equipment needs a certain amount of energy for maximized output. When a machine has an energy flow issue, you lose productivity and money. An EDMS can alert you when these deviations occur, so you can work on fixing them as soon as possible. Energy management systems also offer ways to improve these discrepancies for you.


zenon functions as an intelligent EDMS for industrial processes. Use zenon to experience the benefits of automation and simple energy data collection.

How zenon helps you achieve energy efficiency and ISO 50001 certification

With a powerful platform like zenon, you can manage energy usage across all industrial processes, improve your operation's energy efficiency, and meet the qualifications of ISO 50001 certification. zenon allows you to:

  • Collect and process all data in an automated way. zenon is an advanced platform with over 300 communication protocols. This intelligence enables you to integrate all computerized systems, process targeted queries from every data sensor, measure machine performance, and understand every aspect of your infrastructure. Comprehensive communication and advanced diagnostics ensure your data is correct for an accurate analysis.
  • Archive and manage data for ISO 50001 certification. Use the Realtime capabilities to track and compile data as it happens and access previous information and analyses with zenon Historian. When you need data for your ISO certification, it's easy to access, and you can present it in multiple a readable format.
  • Meet employee involvement for ISO 50001 certification.  ISO 50001 certification requires involvement from leadership and employees for compliance. Automation and integration capabilities via the web make it easy to introduce zenon to multiple employees and sources. Integrate zenon into your automated operations and your IT department.
  • Implement the system with ease. Designed with adaptability in mind, you can easily implement zenon into your existing system. zenon has simple parameters so you don't need to validate new equipment. Intuitive modules and user-friendly design allow users to quickly enact calculations, enable machinery, introduce devices, and add new users. This ease of use extends to training operations and maintenance plans, making zenon a valuable investment for any team.
  • View data on an easy-to-read interface. Industrial processes involve extensive data collection. zenon makes reading data simple with configurable representation like trend curves, energy analyses, valuable performance indicators, and alarm message and event listings.


Choose zenon as your energy data management system

With zenon, you streamline your energy data collection and gain access to valuable trend reports and analytics. COPA-DATA has over 30 years of experience in the industry, and we continuously improve zenon to extend the necessary algorithms and logic for the best solution. 

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