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COPA-DATA sets new revenue record of € 87 Million by growing 25% in 2023

COPA-DATA, a leading provider of software for industrial and energy automation, is delighted to announce a significant milestone, achieving a record-breaking revenue of € 87.0 million in 2023. This remarkable achievement is a testament to the company's dedication to innovation and customer service excellence.

Driving Digitalization and Sustainability in Industry

COPA-DATA's vendor-agnostic zenon software platform has gained increasing popularity among manufacturers, energy suppliers, and infrastructure operators, enabling efficient and transparent equipment monitoring and control. The platform allows organizations to build interdisciplinary, scalable and comprehensive solutions for more sustainable, efficient and resilient operations.


Impressive revenue growth highlights success in the energy industry

COPA-DATA is thrilled to announce a significant increase in revenue, with the company's group turnover growing from € 69.4 million to an impressive € 87.0 million in 2023. This represents a 25% increase in revenue compared to 2022. COPA-DATA CEE/ME, one of the largest organizations within the COPA-DATA group, grew its revenue from €6.4 million to €8.2 million in 2023, resulting in a relative growth rate of 28% from 2022 results.


This remarkable achievement can largely be attributed to the outstanding success of COPA-DATA CEE/ME in the energy industry. Notably, solutions within substation automation, regional dispatch centers, renewables (wind, solar/photovoltaics, hydro) and battery energy storage systems (BESS) have garnered immense popularity and are currently in high demand among customers. COPA-DATA’s innovative offerings in these areas have resonated exceptionally well with the market, playing a pivotal role in driving revenue growth.


Driving digitalization and sustainability in the manufacturing and energy industries

"In 2024, COPA-DATA will be dedicated to continuing the delivery of our cutting-edge zenon software platform for the manufacturing and energy industries. We will be a driving force in the energy transition and in enabling organizations worldwide to digitalize their infrastructure for more efficient, resilient and sustainable operations across different disciplines. It’s quite simple: one software platform for numerous solutions, making the lives of our customers easier," says Johannes Petrowisch, Managing Director of COPA-DATA CEE/ME.


"As we look ahead to 2024, COPA-DATA will continue to focus on solutions for renewable energy generation, energy distribution and transmission, energy storage, energy efficiency and modular production leveraging the vendor-independent MTP standard, specifically valuable for life sciences and the process industry in general."


World Economic Forum 2024

COPA-DATA began the year with a return to Davos in January 2024, joining the 54th Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) as an Associate Partner. The partnership with the WEF underscores COPA-DATA’s dedication to actively contributing to shaping a sustainable and resilient global future. It emphasizes the crucial role of technology and collaboration in addressing the world’s most pressing issues, as well as possible solutions. COPA-DATA has actively contributed its industry know-how in WEF’s “Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Supply Chains”, focusing on the priorities of “Technology and Innovation” as well as “Sustainable Operations”.


A bright future ahead

With a strong focus on growth, COPA-DATA CEE/ME expects to expand its team and further strengthen its position in the market. Johannes Petrowisch, Managing Director of COPA-DATA CEE/ME states: "We are confident that 2024 will bring significant opportunities for us to expand our customer base and deliver innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of industry and our society."


Additionally, COPA-DATA will launch zenon version 14 in 2024, bringing numerous new features and enhancements to the zenon software platform. This major release will further empower clients with best-in-class technology to make their operations more efficient, resilient and sustainable.