Modular manufacturing systems via automated engineering

Machine and facility builders have to overcome a wide range of challenges. For example, customers demand machines with ever greater customization and a modular approach to design. At the same time, price is a significant competitive factor. The custom programming of visualization and control software is no longer sufficiently competitive. The solution is automated engineering.


  • Reduce time to market with optimum efficiency
  • Modular machines and systems for custom market requirements
  • Competitive advantage through cost-effectiveness and flexibility


Different system configurations can be implemented in custom visualization and control projects with the zenon Engineering Studio using automated procedures.



Build modular automation systems and configure customized machines

The modular construction of facilities and machines enables highly customized configurations. This, in turn, ensures high flexibility and quick responses to market requirements – even up to finished products with a batch size of one. Businesses that wish to remain competitive will have to implement a high level of automation even at the engineering stage.

With zenon, you can apply automated engineering for the efficient development of visualization and control projects – even for numerous different machine versions and custom configurations. Consistent modularization reduces your time to market, optimally supported by fast and flawless engineering. As a machine manufacturer, you can not only remain competitive in a hotly contested market, but also gain significant advantages.


Automated engineering with zenon

Recurring project processes, such as importing variables, elements, etc., or the creation of images, can be easily automated using zenon. Monotonous tasks in which project developers often tend to develop a lack of concentration and make mistakes can be completed automatically. Smart Objects offer an additional way to set up projects even faster and more efficiently.


You can even adopt configurations from external upstream systems in your engineering with zenon. These are then automatically processed in the project. You can even automate the creation of entire projects, thus building individually manufactured and special module automation systems  for facilities, where visualization no longer requires a great deal of effort. To summarize, you will be able to noticeably accelerate the engineering process with automated engineering, even when there are many different machine variants and custom configurations.