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zenonIZE 23: Digitalization and sustainability

From June 14 to 15 COPA-DATA invited customers, partners and research institutions to its hometown of Salzburg, Austria to discuss the challenges of digitalization and industrial automation and the roadmap to Net Zero.

With over 200 attendees on site and over 600 experts from more than 60 countries participating online, zenonIZE 23 was COPA-DATA's largest customer event to date. The customer and partner event took place on June 14th and 15th at the Schauspielhaus Salzburg. The biennial event brought together industry experts, thought leaders, and user companies to discuss the latest developments in industrial automation, smart factories, modular production, and sustainability.

Attendees were inspired by the expert sessions, panel discussions and keynotes that showcased strategic approaches and real-world use cases. The first glimpses of zenon 12 created anticipation for the upcoming version software platform. 

Under the motto "The Stage of Digitalization", the event offered valuable insights into the current challenges facing the industrial automation industry. The zenonIZE 2023 agenda was filled with a wealth of expertise in exciting sessions, panel discussions, and inspiring keynotes. Attendees were exposed to practical use cases and breakthrough strategies that will set the course for years to come. One of the main topics was how digitalization can be implemented in the industrial environment and how sustainability goals can be achieved.


Roadmap to Net Zero

How can we positively shape the future in the current environment? In the ten years since the term "Industry 4.0" emerged, many of the underlying assumptions have changed. Phillip Werr, member of the management board of COPA-DATA presented his visions and gave an outlook on how to hold one's own in today's environment at the interface of society and technology. The team of experts from COPA-DATA Industry outlined a resilient roadmap to greater sustainability and used practical examples to show how the zenon software platform can help achieve Net Zero in the food and beverage industry. zenon's comprehensive technology toolset is based on interdisciplinary expertise.


Seamless digitization from lab to production

How time-to-market can be significantly shortened with zenon and Module Type Package (MTP) within a higher-level Process Orchestration Layer (POL) was demonstrated by Andreas Bamberg from KGaA in his keynote. For the guest speaker, modularity plays an essential role in generating optimal advantage over competitors. He said the introduction of digital technologies has revolutionized the world of manufacturing, forcing all players in this industry to seamlessly transition between lab experiments and large-scale commercial production.  The introduction of modular manufacturing systems creates a flexible environment and allows for scalability, so companies can easily increase or decrease production as needed.

zenon 12

Another highlight of zenonIZE 23 was the presentation of zenon 12. The version 12 of the zenon software platform will be launched in summer 2023. The participants received an exclusive insight into the innovations in advance and were able to see the extended possibilities and functions for themselves. Additionally, there were comprehensive presentations on Historian 360 and IIoT Services.

The zenonIZE 2023 was a multifaceted platform for knowledge exchange and networking. COPA-DATA lived up to its role as a visionary in industrial automation.


Watch the recordings and be inspired.