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CHECKLIST - Monitor Administration - Multimonitor


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Checklist Multimonitor


1.       Make sure you entered the right resolution in the zenon6.ini which you can find under "C:\ProgramData\COPA-DATA\System"

Enter the resolution like in the screenshot shown under the category [DEFAULT]

2.       Open the Monitor administration of your Project which can be found in the Properties of your Project

3. Enter the amount of monitors you want to use for your project (must be the same amount you calculated in the zenon6.ini in step one).
Virtual monitors you can enter more than physical monitors if you want split screen, if not enter the same amount.

4. Assign your virtual monitors to the physical monitors as you want in my case I use two physical and two virtual monitor and want to use a normal dual monitor setup:

5. The last thing what needs to be done is the screen switch function there you need to define which screen should appear on which monitor. Hint: Screens are always assigned to virtual monitors