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MES integration live: COPA-DATA at the ISPE Conference in Lisbon in April

COPA-DATA will showcase its innovative zenon software platform at the upcoming ISPE Europe Annual Conference in Lisbon from April 16th to 20th, 2024.

One of the highlights of COPA-DATA's presentation will be the demonstration of its zenon MES integration for the life sciences industry. Giuseppe Menin, Director of Life Sciences & Process Industry at COPA-DATA will collaborate with Michelangelo Canzoneri, Global Head of Group Smart Manufacturing at Merck KGaA Darmstadt, Germany, to discuss the significant advantages of modular production in process development labs.

The focus of COPA-DATA's booth presentation will include:

Werum PAS-X MES & the zenon MSI Interface: COPA-DATA addresses the challenge of connecting shop floor equipment with MES systems seamlessly. By leveraging Werum PAS-X MES and the zenon MSI Interface, COPA-DATA offers a solution that streamlines communication between different industrial control systems, enhancing operational efficiency. Werum PAS-X MES by Körber, the leading MES for pharma, biotech, and cell & gene therapy and COPA-DATA partner to enhance MES integration for filling lines in the pharmaceutical industry.

Automation Integration Layer (AIL) for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: COPA-DATA's AIL provides a centralized platform for managing and accessing electronic data, ensuring compliance with data integrity regulations. With features such as parameter tracking, data recording, and instant notifications, AIL simplifies quality assurance processes and facilitates regulatory compliance.

Modular Production with zenon: COPA-DATA enables modular production by leveraging its zenon software platform. By offering a wide range of connectivity options and software gateways, zenon facilitates the integration of diverse equipment and systems, enhancing flexibility and productivity in manufacturing processes.

zenon MES integration for Life Science Industry: Whether you use a biotech MES or a pharmaceutical MES, zenon offers a solution for complete connectivity and project validation. Witness the orchestration process live at our booth with our Partner Cytiva, part of Danaher.

Attendees of the ISPE Europe Annual Conference can learn more about COPA-DATA's solutions by attending Giuseppe Menin's presentation titled "Unlocking Efficiency and Flexibility Together with Merck" on April 18th, 2024, from 9:30 to 10:00 AM.

For more information about COPA-DATA's participation in the ISPE Europe Annual Conference, visit the official conference website: ISPE Europe Annual Conference Lisbon