Future-Proof Projects with Seamless Updates

“Never change a running system” has long been a maxim for productive systems. However, the Industrial Internet of Things and requests for real-time reporting are turning poorly maintained and obsolete operating systems into gateways for malware. But how should systems be updated? How long will systems be down? And will all projects run as seamlessly afterwards as they did before? With zenon, they will run better than ever.


  • Long-term investment security
  • Always up to date with security requirements
  • Benefit from the latest functions
  • Seamless transition, no downtime



seamless zenon updates

Updates can be performed efficiently with zenon. With zenon's future-proof compatibility, projects from older versions can be maintained with little effort. In addition, the equipment can continue to run undisturbed during the update.



Use projects over the long term

Regular updates and upgrades are necessary in industrial plants in order to satisfy the latest security standards. This isn't just true of operating systems. Even the visualization should be updated regularly. zenon makes this exceptionally easy, as it has been designed with future compatibility in mind. Projects from an older version will still run in the brand-new version and can also be maintained there without a great deal of effort. The plant can generally continue with production untroubled while zenon is being brought up to date.



Retain version-independent flexibility

zenon is always backward-compatible for several versions and allows you to work with multiple versions without any problems. For example, you can create a project in version 8.20 and then run it on a Service Engine application with zenon 7.50. Different versions can also be used in a network at the same time. So you can use the right version for your requirements and update at an affordable price only when you need to.


When you switch to the latest version, you can rest assured that all your projects will continue to function without any problems – as well as being able to benefit from new features and security standards. All data, such as from the Alarm Message List, Chronological Event List, or Recipegroup Manager, is also version-independent and can be used in any version without any problems. So you benefit from new features and solutions without losing the project work you have already completed and your investments remain secure for the long term.