Rapid Reporting, Clear Analysis

Reporting on energy consumption is often demanding and tedious. Not all machines deliver their data automatically and many sensors still have to be read manually. Notepads and spreadsheets rule rather than automated processes. However, all this could be done at the touch of a button – including the automatic sending of reports. Or, at least, it could be if you have the right automation software in place.


  • Informative reports prepared in graphical form
  • Direct export and send option
  • Integration with the overall production process
  • Report creation directly from production
  • Simultaneous evaluation of historical data and live data



rapid reporting with zenon

zenon allows you to shed light on the relationship between energy usage data and production output. When used in conjunction with energy tariffs, you can analyze the data against informative KPIs, such as energy costs per unit produced.

Current batch trends can be compared with those of previously recorded optimal batches.



Generate informative KPIs

Many key performance indicators (KPIs) only deliver strategically valuable information when they are linked sensibly with other parameters, such as production figures. Integrating zenon into the overall process enables links like this to be established easily, and therefore relative KPIs to be calculated. For instance, with zenon, you can track the energy costs that are incurred for each production unit.



Comprehensive reporting tool

The comprehensive report function in zenon impresses with its wide variety of options. When it comes to displaying online values and historical data, the Report Generator and Report Viewer come into play. The presentation of two historical time periods provides direct ways of comparing KPIs. You can even evaluate alarms, events, batch data, shifts, and many other aspects directly in zenon using the reporting tools.


Reports can be presented graphically in real time or as historical analysis, displayed online, or even sent automatically via e-mail. zenon Faceplates enable you to bring together different evaluations and perspectives in a single screen, resulting in numerous comparison options, dashboards with tailored KPIs, and much more besides.


The reporting options are enhanced perfectly with the zenon Report Engine, which processes, distributes, and archives data from different sources in a targeted manner.