OMAC PackML Standardization: Shaping the Future Together

Today’s manufacturers are facing a number of challenges in their production and packaging facilities. These include fast-changing markets and increasing pressure to reduce “time to market”. Many manufacturers are also dealing with complex customer requirements.

Opportunities for Improved Performance in Manufacturing

PackML (or ANSI/ISATR88.00.02-2015 Machine and Unit States: An implementation example of ANSI/ISA-88.00.01) should help mastering these challenges.


PackML is an open industry standard. In formal terms, it is a “semantic” protocol, as it structures the information to be shared between packaging units, packaging lines and even – as per Industry 4.0 – shared with cloud data storage. By the use of this standard you can easily connect a packaging machine to a line controller or SCADA system if it also adheres to the PackML standardization. PackML is a very useful connectivity standard for both production and packaging lines.


PackML is delivering benefits to end users in terms of:

  •  rapid integration of different machines within the complete line
  •  more transparency of machine data for greater productivity
  •  cost-effective flexibility


As an OMAC member since 2014, COPA-DATA directly supports these developments.

Interview with Arne Svendsen, OMAC Board Member and renowned expert in MES and automation

In this interview with OMAC Board Member Mr. Arne Svendsen, you can read about his vision for PackML and find out more about how you can fully profit from standardization.

Interview OMAC PackML-Standardization

IU Magazine Article

Interview OMAC PackML-Standardization

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