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New Partner: FH Vorarlberg – Research & Education 4.0

FH Vorarlberg (Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences) is the latest education institution to join our global COPA-DATA Partner Community. The university, which is based in Dornbirn in western Austria, is one of the country's leading universities of applied sciences in the field of research. It will be using zenon for both education and research purposes in future.

“We are delighted to be joining the COPA-DATA Partner Community. Thank you for supporting our research and education institution. We are already very excited about the upcoming projects with the COPA-DATA team,” says Prof.(FH) DI Dr. Robert Merz, Head of Production of the Future / Digital Factory at FH Vorarlberg. FH Vorarlberg, which has an international network of 110 partner universities of applied sciences, is one of the most advanced institutions of its kind. It prides itself on the close support students receive from teaching staff and the high-quality equipment for practical work in its teaching and research laboratories.

Technical and Corporate Networking

The university specializes in Business Administration, Engineering & Technology, Design and Social Work. It also actively promotes cross-industry networking on technical issues. “With Robert Merz, we have a real authority on zenon in Dornbirn," explains Reinhard Mayr, Head of Product Management at COPA-DATA. "We have known each other for a long time – since his time at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences – and are currently working on several research projects together. In particular, the major future project “Digital Factory” could be an area where zenon is especially useful.”  One such collaboration is the “Smart Data Modeller” project. It is supported by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG and got off to a successful start back in mid-2017.

Studies in zenon

Software licenses with a total value of around EUR 100,000 will be made available to FH Vorarlberg. “Our software system will be used both for suitable research projects in the field of networked production and for educational purposes. Feedback from the specialists working with our software at the university will be incorporated into the future development of our solutions on a regular basis,” says Reinhard Mayr. And of course, FH Vorarlberg is saving the date for the Global Partner Academy in Vienna in June.