Analytics and Reporting with zenon

Analytics and Reporting with zenon

Most energy utilities and manufacturers have an abundance of operational data available for them to analyze — however, such high volumes of data present challenges when it comes to analytics and reporting. In order to comply with regulations and make timely and informed decisions, you need data that’s accurate, up to date and easily accessible. This is also important if you intend to evaluate performance based on key performance indicators (KPIs).


Whether you’re conducting data analytics using real-time or stored data, you need the right software to solve these challenges. Learn how zenon from COPA-DATA could improve your data analytics below.



What’s wrong with data and analytics?

In the past, manufacturing and energy companies used a hybrid approach to data analytics, combining traditional paper tracking with computer processing. This complicated method no longer meets industry requirements for speed, accuracy, traceability and compliance with regulations. Indeed, paper tracking can lead to inaccurate data, delayed data entry and difficulty retrieving and using stored information.


Even if your organization isn’t using pen and paper to record vital data, you may still face challenges with data and analytics. Many companies have a lot of data with no way to turn it into actionable insights. The problem is compounded when you need to combine multiple types of data from across your facility. Without tools to evaluate data and generate accurate reports, all that valuable information sits untapped.


How zenon solves the data and analytics problem

In order to get the most out of your data and take advantage of innovations like automation, you need a reliable method for retrieving, processing and analyzing data. The zenon Software Platform will allow you to compare data with KPIs to measure your success and plan for the future, making your production more cost-effective and your company more competitive.


zenon can help solve difficult data and analytics challenges in the energy and manufacturing industries by:

  • Enhancing visibility into operations: zenon collects all types of data from across a plant, no matter what machines or infrastructure it comes from or how old those components are. Every source of data can be incorporated into your reports, giving you a complete overview of operations and enabling you to make more informed decisions.
  • Increasing your return on investment: With ready-made reports and customization options, zenon will allow you to start increasing efficiency and improving your return on investment immediately. The low cost of ownership leaves plenty of room to maximize profitability.
  • Improving processes and production quality: zenon provides you with extensive data trends and insights, such as statistical process control (SPC). You can use these reports to evaluate the stability of production quality, detect variances in production and reduce losses caused by poor quality.
  • Eliminating bottlenecks in production: When problems in production occur, you need to be able to identify and resolve them quickly. With an integrated reporting possibilities, for example, zenon will give you an overview of alarm messages, allowing you to quickly identify equipment breakdown location and eliminate bottlenecks.



Learn more about using zenon to improve data analytics and reporting

With zenon’s broad spectrum of data analytics and reporting capabilities, your organization can leverage its data to meet KPIs and make smarter decisions without the hassle of paper tracking. Learn more about zenon from COPA-DATA by contacting us online today.


  • Statistical Process Control

    Process Control

    In zenon you can create reports for statistical evaluations of production quality at the touch of a button.

  • Create Reports accurate and reliable with zenon

    Accurate and Reliable Reporting

    Use clever reports, identify hidden potential and advance your production.

  • zenon Process Recorder

    zenon Process Recorder

    If existing trends or lists are no longer helpful for the analysis of errors, the zenon Process Recorder can help and offers an even more precise analysis.

  • Predictive Maintenance with zenon

    Predictive Maintenance

    Know today, which part might be broken tomorrow? Forward thinking maintenance makes this possible. More efficient production with predictive maintenance.