zenon Historian 360: A robust Data Historian Overview


The modern manufacturing industry is a dynamic environment where information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) intersect. Today's Internet of Things (IoT) sensors have made it possible to gather and analyze more data than ever before, yet parsing and using raw, unstructured data can be challenging for traditional database programs built to manage relationships. As a result, demand has grown for tools capable of meeting the specific process data collection, archival and analysis needs conventional databases can't fulfill.


Enter the full-featured data historian: zenon Historian 360, a real-time solution to a successful combination of IT and OT.


zenon Historian 360 powers plant activities such as diagnostics, maintenance, energy management, and alarms. Customer-centric storage and retrieval of data is at the heart of zenon Historian 360, enabling an easier way to compliantly store and use data in industrial environments. Reliable, efficient, and with unparalleled connectivity for industrial use cases.

What can the zenon Historian 360 do for you?


zenon Historian 360 can be used for a variety of use cases. Monitor and log information such as network bandwidth, fluid levels, pressure levels, fan temperatures, limit switches, and valve positions in a variety of settings such as food and beverage plants, chemical plants, power plants, automotive factories, pharmaceutical manufacturing, water management, and environmental control. Track whether a product is profitable, how its production runs, and if there were any problems during the manufacturing process.


zenon Historian 360 capabilities






Data Long-Term Storage


Expect robust dependability by helping you improve your asset performance regardless of industry.




Data Analytics and Visualization


Put your data to work for you.




Data Contextualization


Transform your data into valuable information.




Data Acquisition


The easiest way to connect while managing compliance.





Get more information out of your data. With the zenon Historian 360 you have a powerful solution to store your industrial automation data securely and sustainably. You have full control over your data and decide the logic behind its recording. For example, the dynamic swinging door compression algorithm eliminates extraneous data for optimal compression archiving performance. Capture and use metadata such as equipment modelling to abstract and contextualize your data. Then populate your reports, trends, and analytics workloads to make faster and better decisions.


  • The most convenient way to connect to a myriad of industrial and other data sources.
  • Maintain data compliance.    
  • Robust analytics and visualization enable you to put your data to work for you.    
  • Data contextualization capabilities make data more valuable for insights and future decision-making.


Data-driven sustainability


Use zenon Historian 360 to drive your sustainability initiatives. Capture and use process data that enables you to build robust dependability by monitoring and enhancing the performance of your assets. Understand complicated information about asset performance. Track production and other performance metrics against energy use. Optimize material use. Leverage information to drive improvement and deliver on your sustainability goals.


Trust us with your Data Historian requirements


In mission-critical environments, production departments require scalability, acceleration, optimization, performance, and dependability, as well as support for a wide variety of clients, applications, and infrastructure. The zenon Historian 360 combines long-term storage, acquisition, analytics, visualization, and contextualization in a safe  and highly sustainable manner. The comprehensive data historian facilitates production information governance and data compliance. Services include data collection, preservation, transformation, and presentation.