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zenon Software Platform

Reach your operational goals by simplifying and optimizing your industrial automation.

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SCADA solutions that empower you to control your operations with confidence, from substations to smart grids.

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zenon, 제주상명풍력 발전소의 ESS 제어

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Projekt zenon firmy RMA wspiera spawanie laserowe

Lider w produkcji wymienników ciepła, firma AIC S.A., dzięki projektowi zenon kompleksowo obsługuje zrobotyzowaną linię oraz do spawania wymienników ciepła.

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zenon w Zakładzie Tymbark (grupa Maspex)

"Tymbark-kochaj zdrowie-kochaj życie." Projekt zenon wykonany przez RS Fillingtech. Idealnie realizuje tę ideologię

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zenon Software Platform

zenon industrial automation software ensures simple, secure, and independent industrial automation for many companies worldwide.


The zenon industrial software platform provides an integrated overall solution which connects the whole company, from the sensor level to the ERP system.


Systematic data acquisition and cross-location data management with zenon industry software makes it possible to identify starting points for improving efficiency. Machines can be operated quickly and safely with zenon as an HMI – even with Multi-Touch.


As a process control system, zenon ensures optimal visualization, control, and monitoring even in complex networks.


As an integrated PLC system, zenon can communicate seamlessly with heterogeneous hardware landscapes. All relevant automation and IT data is processed in real-time in individually configurable reports using comprehensive reporting and analysis tools and is recorded using the zenon Process Recorder.


zenon can be used as energy management software; it complies with the defined requirements of ISO 50001:2011 and will help you to introduce the ISO 50001 certification.


The industrial automation software solutions provided by zenon easily integrate into existing environments as a platform-independent SCADA solution. Wizards like the WinCC Converter allow for a simple transfer from other systems.

Industry software solutions

The zenon software platform is implemented in many industries to provide ergonomic and highly dynamic production and process optimization.


In the Energy and Infrastructure Industry, zenon industry automation software ensures regulated processes in the production and distribution of energy – including secure interlocking, two-hand operation, and simple configuration via wizard. zenon can be used to automate switchyards and hydropower plants, or even complete public transport networks.


As software for the Pharmaceutical Industry, zenon provides problem-free compliance with regulations such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11 at the click of a mouse. In addition, it provides configuration wizards as well as special pre-defined symbols. zenon can be used for industrial automation and monitoring in existing processes when it comes to validation as well as packaging and electronic data acquisition.


As automation software in the Food and Beverage Industry, the software platform helps handlers to improve the competitiveness of their production. zenon can manage and monitor the brewing process or Line Management and provides a wide range of KPIs such as Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) in real-time.


As an industrial software automation solution for the Automotive Industry, zenon scores particularly highly with condition monitoring, the connection to systems like ERP or PPS, and support for quality management. In addition to these industries, zenon can also be used in many other application areas as an individually tailored automation software solution.

About us

We envision a world where people are able to manage complexity with ease. That's why we develop automation software that is so practical it simplifies work in industrial and infrastructural environments – whether it is on a machine in a production hall, in the control room of a substation, or on a PC in an executive office. 


We have gained experience in conventional industrial automation with HMI and SCADA. Today, we are combining our automation expertise with the new possibilities offered by digital transformation. In this way, we can empower our customers to implement their strategies in an easier, faster, and more purposeful way. 


We have subsidiaries and distributors all over the world and can provide customers with local sales and support services for the zenon software platform. We also have numerous partners in the COPA-DATA Partner Community who provide ergonomic applications with zenon. 


COPA-DATA was founded by Thomas Punzenberger in 1987 because he had a vision of a kind of software that had never been seen before. So we turned that vision into reality with zenon — the industrial software that will make your life easier.