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According to the United Nations, two thirds of the world's population will live in urban areas by 2050. At COPA-DATA, we see that as a mandate to use all our resources and opportunities to create a valuable contribution to a sustainable future that is worth living – with innovative solutions based on our zenon Software Platform and the latest technology available.


Smart City technology

The technology being used to build Smart Cities today is commonly known as the Internet of Things (IoT). The Internet of Things allows for the connection of day-to-day items through the Internet. COPA-DATA leverages this technology with its software platform zenon to enable Smart Cities.


IoT solutions for Smart Cities allow municipalities and utilities to make faster and better decisions that will lead to greater efficiency, safety and quality of life for everyday people. We live in a digitized world where IoT technology makes it possible for us to collect, analyze and use data to optimize processes and the consumption of valuable resources.


The zenon Software Platform uses the wide spectrum of this technology for multiple purposes, including:

  • Data acquisition: Hardware-independent data collection and transfer on all your operations and equipment.
  • Visualization and control: The simplification and streamlining of complex processes to give you more control and visibility.
  • Analytics and reporting: Calculations and estimates are made based on historical and real-time data and with the help of advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.
  • Engineering: The simplified configuration of automation solutions to make projects easier for you to develop and manage.
  • Data management: The comparison and organization of real-time data on a city-wide basis to make more intelligent and impactful decisions.


Areas of Smart City innovation

Thanks to the integration of technology in many different areas of life, there are multiple aspects to the development of a Smart City, such as:

  • Infrastructure: The infrastructure within a Smart City can include anything from street lighting to the water network and transportation systems. zenon has the ability to keep track of and control many of these elements.
  • Buildings: The zenon  smart city Software Platform can collect and analyze data to enhance building systems from heating and air conditioning to lighting and elevators. The goal is to optimize efficiency and energy savings for all the building’s processes.
  • Energy use: In a Smart City it is all about finding solutions for saving energy and making sure urban dwellers have all the energy they need. Because urban areas depend so heavily on energy use, our smart city software platform zenon has a variety of capabilities to ensure a reliable and robust energy supply.

Smart City solutions with zenon


zenon has the power to analyze data and help develop Smart City solutions that can improve sustainability, safety, and efficiency in cities all over the world. Smart City technology can apply to many different city components, such as energy, water, buildings, transportation, and traffic. See below to learn more about zenon’s wide-reaching solutions to city challenges.


If you need a solution that allows you to secure energy supply or control your grid more effectively, zenon is a proven and reliable way to streamline your processes and improve network reliability in the city, so that everyone can depend on the energy they need to function.Whether it is for smart grids, substations, hydropower plants, wind farms, or photovoltaic systems, zenon provides an integrated environment for all applications.


A reliable water supply is one of the most important services that every city needs. The zenon Software Platform has capabilities to predict rates of water depletion and provide answers so you can resolve problems. With zenon, maintenance technicians can stay on top of leaks or other problems that may occur with the water supply through the help of alert messages. This way, downtime is reduced and maintenance costs can be more easily controlled.

Smart Buildings

zenon offers utility management for Smart Cities by creating simple and effective solutions for the operations and processes that take place in city buildings. For example, zenon can help you come up with ways to save energy in public buildings to cut down on costs, waste, and your impact on the environment.

This software has the ability to integrate energy systems and, it can do the same thing with most systems that are needed to run a building. From heating and air conditioning to elevators and electricity, zenon can take on the management of all these systems and condense it into a more streamlined and data-driven automated process.

Transportation and Traffic

Another aspect of Smart City life that zenon can enhance is the public transportation and traffic systems. For instance, you can use zenon to oversee and control lighting on airport runways or to control overhead displays on high-traffic roads. Because one of zenon’s staple functions is the conservation of energy, our software also monitors for possible savings in public transportation energy usage.


Smart City benefits with zenon

If you choose zenon to help you move forward with your urban planning, you’ll receive a number of benefits, including:

  • System control from any location
  • Easy integration with existing systems and infrastructures
  • Easy-to-use wizards and tools
  • High-performance visualization
  • Advanced reporting and predictive analytics
  • Scalability for projects and systems
  • Flexibility with new operations
  • Fast, secure access to information

Every one of these benefits is designed to help you create higher quality, more efficient processes with automation solutions built with zenon. Thanks to Smart City technology, urban areas today are quicker, safer and more sustainable. Our software uses the latest innovations to ensure maximum return on investment and meet the future needs of any city.


Plan your Smart City with zenon

Our zenon Software Platform is secure and easy-to-use, and it's quickly becoming the future of urban life. IoT solutions for Smart Cities can be implemented, not only in energy-saving and building processes, but also across entire industries.


With zenon, a city is no longer just a city — it’s something altogether smarter and more in tune with tomorrow. Discover how to integrate Smart City technology and automation into your city plans and processes with zenon today. Contact us now for more information about our ever-developing Smart City solutions.



  • Automation software for a secure and sustainable energy supply


    From renewables and substations to smart grids, zenon delivers automation solutions for reliable energy generation and distribution.

  • Automation software for water and waste water management


    With zenon, cities and regions can optimize area-wide water supply, waste water management, and drinking water treatment for sustainable use.

  • Automation software for smart buildings

    Smart Buildings

    Whether it's for new or old buildings, zenon enables intelligent control of the HVAC, lighting, water, energy, parking and more.

  • Automation software for traffic and public transportation

    Transport & Traffic

    zenon provides smart solutions for the efficient and secure monitoring, control and maintenance of public transportation and traffic flow.

  • Microsoft CityNext - Winner of the Microsoft Partner of the Year Award

    Microsoft CityNext

    Honoured by Microsoft in the worldwide category „Public Sector: Microsoft CityNext“: COPA-DATA’s Smart City solutions with zenon.

  • Smart City solutions with zenon

    Smart City solutions with zenon

    To get an overview of how zenon can enable your Smart City plans, download our Fact Sheet.

Smart City solutions with zenon

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Smart City solutions with zenon

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Smart City

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