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Increasing digitization and evolving technology have opened up new opportunities for manufacturers and industrial plants, enabling them to work more efficiently and maximize profitability. Yet as factories and energy distributors embrace new technology, the systems they manage become increasingly complex.


To remain competitive, businesses need to adapt to new production challenges and implement solutions designed to help control processes, monitor operations and manage high volumes of incoming process data. At the same time, any solution operators execute must have the ability to grow and change with their business over time. Whether they work in the manufacturing, energy or infrastructure fields, the industrial software used will greatly influence their company's ability to benefit from emerging technology and keep pace with industry developments.


At COPA-DATA, we have developed two industrial software products to help everyone who works with industrial plants automate their facilities and achieve their operational goals. Our industrial automation Software Platform zenon simplifies process engineering and data from the shop floor to management. Our soft programmable logic controller (PLC) straton provides a suite of tools for integration with any software platform and hardware configuration.


Automate and control processes with zenon

zenon is an industrial automation software platform designed to optimize operations in industrial facilities and enable management to make data-driven decisions. The platform combines machine operation, data collection and data analysis functions to give users control of and visibility into the entire enterprise from one central location. zenon encompasses HMI, SCADA, reporting, alarming, messaging and more. Users create projects easily in the zenon Engineering Studio and operate the same projects in the Service Engine. This Service Engine, the operational user interface features graphical components, customizable design, templates and tools designed for ease of use.


In a time when industrial processes are becoming more complex, zenon makes people’s lives easier. All the features needed to create a fully functional Service Engine come included, keeping cost of ownership low. Industries that use zenon to automate and control their operations include energy and infrastructure, food and beverage, Life Sciences & pharmaceutical manufacturing, auto manufacturing and machinery and plant manufacturing.


How does zenon solve digital transformation challenges?

As a flexible and scalable software platform, zenon provides multiple options for the Service Engine architecture and accommodates increased needs as the project grows. With features to protect data from loss and unauthorized access, the software is also highly secure.


Because zenon includes multiple features in one package, it serves as a cost-effective solution to many of the challenges associated with digital transformation, including:


  • Application engineering and maintenance: zenon makes it easy for anyone to create and maintain projects, with or without programming skills. Parameters are simply set using the software's easy-to-use wizards. Although zenon makes application engineering accessible to anyone, role-based user authentication ensures only authorized users can make changes.
  • Data acquisition: To optimize operations and make informed decisions, plants need to collect accurate data efficiently. zenon eliminates the need for tedious paper-based documentation, reducing the likelihood of recording error and providing access to data in real time. zenon supports more than 300 communication protocols for increased flexibility in data acquisition.
  • Data management: Gathering data is only the first step. zenon helps companies making the most of the collected data, displaying all relevant information at a glance. Included templates or custom options can be used to view production data however it’s preferred.
  • Visualization and control: zenon produces graphical representations of plant operations, conditions and equipment, making production processes easier for operators to understand and control. Using zenon's pre-designed graphical features, engineers create custom applications quickly.
  • Analytics and reporting: Outperforming the competition means constantly monitoring production quality and lowering production costs. zenon will help overcome modern analytics and reporting challenges by generating reports and allowing operators and managers to compare performance data to key performance indicators (KPIs).


Flexible, open, and secure - zenon IIoT Services

In the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), machines and systems exchange data with one another independently and in real time. This communication allows equipment to adjust to changing parameters and conditions without outside input, increasing efficiency within the smart factory. If IIoT technology is needed to function across geographic divides, however, a solution for distributed intelligence networking inevitable.


Flexible, open and secure, zenon IIoT Services is a cloud-based platform that connects all networks devices through zenon, gathering data into a central hub and distributing it to the appropriate locations. IIoT Services by zenon seamlessly connects web-based clients, transmits data securely to third-party applications and coordinates processes across plants and countries. IIoT Services keep even the most complex system architectures scalable and easy to maintain.


Equipped with the highest security standards and options for extensive rights management, IIoT Services keep IIoT data safe during transmission over public networks. 


Develop your own applications with straton Soft PLC

A soft programmable logic controller is a type of software that manufacturers use to transform embedded computers into fully functional PLCs. When integrated with hardware, a soft PLC gives users more options for programming their equipment, which is ideal for small on-board computers and industrial equipment.


Designed to meet the needs of OEMs, straton is a soft PLC based on a modular structure. The software consists of an integrated engineering and runtime and services environment, as well as a suite of intuitive development tools. Depending on their goals, customers may choose to implement straton Soft PLC as a complete suite or pick and choose the components they need. When integrating straton with zenon, projects are easily extended from the field to SCADA.

Additional benefits that straton provides include:

  • IEC 61131-3 compliance: straton is based on IEC 61131-3 programming languages, so operators can deploy their applications on any hardware platform. IEC 61131-3 is a vendor-independent standard for embedded platforms.
  • Industry-specific solutions: straton offers solutions tailored to different industries. Markets that straton serves include industrial automation, utilities and embedded systems.
  • Development kits for efficient programming: straton's tool kits enable engineers to program devices more quickly and with less effort. The modular nature of the software gives them complete control over the applications built.
  • Multiple drivers and protocols: straton's massive pool of native drivers supports all common communication protocols, enabling equipment to communicate with sensors and high-level equipment.
  • Flexible and intuitive editors: Based on IEC 61131-3, the straton Workbench Studio is intuitive and flexible, streamlining the development process. 
  • Independent Runtime: straton Runtime Service exists separately from the operating system, allowing for seamless integration with your device.


Contact COPA-DATA to learn more

Whether you want to automate your industrial facility, create an interconnected IIoT network or add flexibility to your equipment, COPA-DATA offers an industrial software solution. We have over 30 years of experience in the industry, and we use our experience to continuously improve and maintain straton and our zenon Software Platforms.


As an independent software manufacturer, we have the ability to respond to customer needs and provide support services, including training. To find out how our industrial software products could help your business streamline production and improve profitability, contact us for more information.