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Welcome to the Partner Community


The COPA-DATA Partner Community (CDPC) is a global network of specialists in the fields of industry and energy automation. It is based on long-term and sustainable business partnerships. Mutual trust, commitment, and inspiring projects featuring the zenon Software Platform are at the heart of the Partner Community's work.


With the motto of “Growing Together”, we focus on: transferring our knowledge to our partners, developing joint business opportunities, and expanding our worldwide partner network.

Niraj Shah, Branch Manager – Special Protection System, SEL

Gold Partner

"We look forward to expanding our services with COPA-DATA. SEL ES is excited to deploy more systems using the zenon platform."

Werner Kropf, CEO, Kropf Solutions

Gold Partner

"The versatility of the COPA-DATA Partner Community combined with the professional competence and dependable support of the team, provide us with a crucial competitive advantage over our competitors."

Simon Kranzer, Lecturer, Salzburg University of Applied Sciences

Gold Partner

"The cooperation with COPA-DATA encourages progress and innovation. And the unity of research, training and practical experience guarantee our offer of a high-quality education."

Chul Lim, Director of the System Integration division at Neopis

Silver Partner

"We love the way zenon enables rapid engineering and efficient work division."

Martin Grübler, Managing Director, MGX Automation

Silver Partner

"MGX Automation GmbH is a longtime COPA-DATA partner because of their proven and globally used products, tailored to our business."

Dominik Lott, CEO, Tresch Automation

Bronze Partner

"We are happy to have chosen COPA-DATA. We have rarely come across comparable software in our industry that makes the implementation of projects so pleasant and comfortable."


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