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Industries and solutions at a glance

The universally deployable manufacturing software packages by zenon are used worldwide in many different industries for a wide variety of processes and solutions. Integrated package solutions connect companies holistically, simplifying the operation of machinery and complex networks. In addition, the solutions identify idle potential for improvement in efficiency. Among many other industries, our core sectors in particular sustainably benefit from the use of the zenon software platform.



Energy & Infrastructure

As a software in the energy industry, zenon assumes the control, automatization and monitoring of energy distribution units and substations. In addition, the software platform manages equipment for renewable energy generation and optimizes energy storage systems as well as electricity grids. Thanks to its versatility, the manufacturing software packages by zenon can be used on many different operational and monitoring levels. Whether on site, in the control room or as a gateway, zenon solves even complex tasks reliably. Engineers rely on the considerably faster realization of even larger projects and enjoy palpably reduced engineering time. Even smart cities benefit from the extensive range of functions and tailor-made analysis options. Learn more




As a software for manufacturing companies, zenon impresses thanks to its ideal combination of efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility in one inspiring total package. The open software platform can be found in several fabrication and manufacturing industries, optimizes production and thereby lowers the respective costs dramatically. The following industries rely on the performance power of manufacturing software solutions by zenon.


Food & Beverage

Competitive production is the key to success in the food & beverage industry. Incorporating concepts and functions of the industrial IOT and of Industry 4.0 unlocks an extensive array of possibilities and solutions. At the same time, the time to market is reduced by a whole lot. Lower-cost, more efficient production manifests, among other factors, in the production of packaging and auxiliary materials. Performance-increasing line management, reduced energy consumption via precise management of energy data and considerably increased quality are valuable by-products. Manufacturing software systems by zenon can even implement the automation of brewing processes. Learn more

Life Sciences & Pharmaceutical

The strict, exact compliance with standards and requirements plays a key role in the pharmaceutical industry. zenon provides configuration wizards and pre-defined symbols to guarantee just that. Process control and process automation optimize all production and processing areas from validation to packaging to electronically managed data recording. Improved flexibility and user friendliness for batch control and recipe management along with automized reporting eliminate the missing link between production and quality assurance at the push of a button. Efficient configuration of production processes of all sizes while maintaining constant transparency makes zenon the ideal choice in a pharmaceutical environment. Learn more


The automotive industry sees highly competitive pressure and intense price wars. This makes the fast and efficient achievement of corporate goals and, as such, open and flexible industrial automation software a top priority. zenon provides holistic production and manufacturing software systems that can be smoothly incorporated into pre-existing facilities, networking vertical and horizontal integration across all processes. The wide application spectrum facilitates tailored support in subareas as well as holistic solutions across production areas. zenon acts as a driving force in automated engineering, alarm management and can even be used in smart automotive factories. User-optimized operator interfaces, integral display of production data and extensive analysis functions complete the holistic approach of zenon manufacturing software packages. Learn more



Discrete Manufacturing

The goal of the manufacturing software packages by zenon is to make the engineering and automated operation of production and infrastructure facilities incredibly easy. Multifaceted capabilities for different industries considerably facilitate achieving operational goals. Flexibility, user friendliness and scalability allow effortless integration in pre-existing environments. The focus on usability makes digital operations in an industrial environment smooth with industrial automation tailored individually to the company and its requirements. Numerous additional functions – from efficient project planning to monitoring entire buildings to ISO-certified energy management – pave the way to the smart factory. Learn more