• Automation Solutions

    Whether as controlling or visualization tool or as a comprehensive automation solution, zenon easily integrates into existing infrastructures and grants efficient project engineering and a maximum data security, while focusing on usability at the same time.

  • Automotive

    High availability, reliable productivity, maximum data security and usability, and a powerful reporting. zenon keeps your automation agile, effortlessly integrating existing facilities and third-party systems. Your projects will be up and running within a few days.

  • Energy & Infrastructure

    Your comprehensive and state-of-the-art SCADA solution for power plants, substations and wind parks. zenon is easy to integrate into existing infrastructures and meets all international standards thanks to various industry-specific drivers and security features.

  • Food & Beverage

    zenon ensures productivity, helps in saving resources and minimizes downtime. All this while staying flexible and sticking to the strict industry standards. Enjoying utmost usability, you can efficiently master all the challenges of automation, from engineering through to operations.

  • Pharmaceutical

    Safety first! zenon is your comprehensive SCADA solution, providing cost-effective validation and robust operation of your pharmaceutical automation projects, while constantly sticking to strict laws and validation processes.

zenon Pharma Edition

zenon Pharma Edition

With zenon Pharma Edition, you go for efficient engineering and cost-effective validation while meeting all the international regulations