Manage Alarms Intelligently

If something goes wrong, it is important to respond quickly and correctly. But discovering and locating faults in large plants is just not that simple. In such cases, assistance is provided by alarms that use distinct symbols to indicate when a limit value has been exceeded, images which allow you to zoom into the source of the alarm in detail, and useful detailed information about the alarm.


  • Rapid response times and increased productivity
  • Improved OEE
  • User-friendly overviews and communication channels
  • Compliant with alarm administration standards such as ISA 18.2 and IEC 62682


Manage Alarms Intelligently with zenon

Quick overviews, flexible input, and location-independent alerts guarantee an optimal level of control over the facility.




Smart alarm administration increases efficiency

zenon makes it easier to discover faults and their causes quickly, and therefore to respond to incidents and problems promptly. The ability to respond quickly is essential when it comes to reducing plant downtime and ensuring a high level of productivity. Yet, at the same time, it is important not to trigger too many unnecessary alarms. zenon prevents this with functions such as threshold values and dynamic alarm limits. Incoming alarm analysis sheds light on the alarm causes and frequency of certain alarms. As a result, you obtain valuable information on how to improve your OEE.



Clarity and rapid response times

Alarm administration is integrated consistently in zenon. Even if production plants have been developed over time and have a range of different equipment, zenon can be used for alarm administration without the need for additional software components.


Alarms can be clearly arranged and grouped. Together with the zenon Worldview, clear views are produced in which the level of detail can be finely adjusted. The feature requiring you to acknowledge and delete alarms, which can be configured as you wish, provides documented evidence that alarms have been registered and processed. Operators record the causes of alarms immediately on site in predefined context lists and customizable filters guarantee you an overview of all alarms. In addition, with the optional Message Control module, you can issue alarms to staff via various communication methods and according to different criteria including who is on shift.