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Sales exceed targets again

In 2019, COPA-DATA beat its sales target once again and also set a new record in Group sales. The growth of international sales of our zenon software platform is paving the way for this success.

With 51.0 million Euros in 2019, we were able to push COPA-DATA Group sales above the 50 million Euro mark for the first time. Compared to the previous year – in 2018 Group sales were 44 million Euros – this is an increase of some 16 percent. Thomas Punzenberger, CEO of COPA-DATA states: “Once again we are delighted by these strong numbers. We have more than quadrupled our Group sales in the past ten years. The next ten years will bring major changes in networked industry and energy automation. We will therefore continue to develop our software every day to meet our customers’ challenges and remain independent financially and technologically.”


Creating more jobs


With more than 285 employees worldwide, the size of our team has increased once again. Five new colleagues were added to our head office in Salzburg and ten in our international branch offices. “We are nearing the point when we have more team members in our international offices than at the head office. It's a great development. We are following through on this by increasing investment in the onboarding of new hires and the ongoing development of our existing workforce. Our team members completed over 13,500 hours of training last year, so we are always up to date in our specialist areas,” explains Phillip Werr, Chief Marketing and Operations Officer at COPA-DATA. At our head office in Salzburg, nine apprentices are currently being trained and ten students are employed as part of their studies or thesis papers.



National roots for international success


In 2019, our subsidiaries responsible for Germany (founded in 1999), as well as Central Eastern Europe/Middle East, Iberia and Scandinavia (all three founded in 2009), celebrated special anniversaries. In 2020, COPA-DATA Italia will also turn 20 years old. “Local roots in these countries with a strong local team enable us to work closely with our customers. With a total of eleven subsidiaries and 18 distributors, we provide local sales and support for our zenon software platform in 51 countries. With more than 5,000 customers worldwide, zenon is successfully deployed in over 175,000 installations. In the years ahead, we will continue to support the digitalization strategies of our existing and new customers to their full potential,” explains Stefan Reuther, Chief Sales Officer at COPA-DATA.

Furthermore, our international partner network, the COPA-DATA Partner Community, grew by more than 30 companies in 2019, bringing the total membership to over 270 partners.


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