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Energy expert IDEC joins COPA-DATA Partner Community

Specialists in the design & installation of high voltage protection and control system integration, IDEC Technical Services, join the COPA-DATA Partner Community.

IDEC was originally founded in Teesside, in 1976, as a result of a booming Chemical and Steel manufacturing industry and a growing need for skilled workers in Electrical Engineering Design and Project Management.


Throughout its 40 years of successful operations, IDEC has experienced exponential growth not only within the UK but overseas, resulting in the expansion into new markets and formation of new companies.


IDEC Technical Services Limited was established in 2003, in order to strategically focus on Control System Integration, Electrical High Voltage Protection Systems and Electrical Distribution. This proved to be a highly successful move, as 13 years on, IDEC Technical Services have delivered numerous projects in substations, gas turbines, wind turbines alike.


“IDEC’s commitment to provide their customers with ‘the most flexible and cost-effective solution, giving full account of existing control systems and future expansion possibilities’ completely resonates with how we drive our business here at COPA-DATA UK – and with two of the Engineers at IDEC Technical Services fully trained in zenon Basic and zenon Energy Edition, I am highly optimistic about the longevity of this partnership.” Adrian Kimberley, Regional Sales Manager at COPA-DATA UK.


For more information on IDEC please visit or alternatively get in touch with Daniel Swales, Principal Systems Engineer, at If you’re interested in how else zenon can be used in industrial engineering, get in touch with one of our in-house zenon experts at COPA-DATA UK on