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Intelligent integration

zenon Logic - the versatile IEC 61131-3 programming environment from zenon Operator

Efficient and versatile

With zenon Logic, zenon Operator already offers an integrated PLC system. This means:

  • IEC 61131-3 programming environment with the most widely used languages (IL, ST, LD, SFC and FBD)
  • direct access to PLCs and I/Os from any desired manufacturer
  • can be used on various hardware platforms
  • integration of intelligent graphical objects (faceplates) is possible
  • complete integration from sensor to ERP
  • Test and simulate under real conditions with genuine PLC code

Efficient engineering with zenon Logic

The integrated PLC system enables the networking of various control systems and uses the same database as the zenon Operator. After a one time input of data in zenon Logic these are then also made available to zenon Operator. zenon Logic can provide a quick online diagnosis of problems. What can you gain from this?

  • quicker engineering
  • no further duplicate data storage
  • simple importing of existing variable lists
  • shorter start-up times

Ergonomic automation for many industries

zenon already offers ergonomic automation to a variety of companies in the automotive, energy, food & beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

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