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Smart City: Energy Solutions with zenon

Electricity – The energy of life

Securing an uninterrupted energy supply will prove the greatest test in the face of the increasing number of urban dwellers in Smart Cities. In addition, decentralized infrastructures in which consumers also act as producers will pose a challenge for network stability. zenon offers functions for avoiding exceptional circumstances such as blackouts and quickly reacting to extraordinary events, including natural disasters. Whether it is for smart grids, local plants, hydropower plants, wind farms, photovoltaic systems or substations, zenon provides an integrated environment for all applications. In addition, it supports protocols such as IEC 61850, IEC 60870, and DNP3 – perfect for seamless integration into existing control stations and systems. Paired with predictive analytics capabilities, it can also forecast bottlenecks in the energy supply and schedule necessary maintenance work.

Smart Grids


Are you looking for a smart solution for all tasks in monitoring and controlling energy grids? If so, zenon is the appropriate software system for your distribution management system (DMS). From configuring a project, through visualization, to reporting and legally-compliant archiving, zenon offers a wide range of applications that enable smart grids and make operation secure, stable and efficient. You thus have the distribution management system under control and can guarantee a stable and reliable power supply for all citizens and public organizations within a city or an entire region.



zenon is applied for the monitoring, control and optimization of equipment for the generation of renewable energy. You can, for example, control complete hydro power plants, wind parks, photovoltaic power plants and combine several items of distributed equipment into one system. That simplifies operation, reduces costs and increases productivity. And at the same time, you can guarantee a consistent and green power supply of your city.

Full connectivity and flexibility for heterogeneous hardware landscapes and legacy systems


The energy landscape is characterized by different systems and sometimes outdated infrastructures. For this reason, it is of great importance that you use an open and flexible software that can integrate all components into a central solution. The zenon software thus supports all common communication protocols in the energy sector (IEC 61850, IEC 60870, DNP 3, Modbus Energy, IEC 61400-25, etc.). zenon is also well equipped for Industrial IoT applications. The Microsoft Azure Cloud platform, for example, can be integrated as native. You can find a complete overview of all communication protocols supported by zenon here.

Smart City solutions with zenon

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Smart City solutions with zenon

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zenon for a Secure and Sustainable Energy Supply

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