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Smart City: Mobility Solutions with zenon

Public Transportation & Traffic – Conveniently from A to B

The quality of life in a Smart City rises and falls with the public transport that is available. zenon works in the background to supply everything necessary for smooth operation and mobility within a city. Used as a central process control system, it monitors and controls the components necessary for running the services, such as the digital displays on motorways, the ventilation in tunnel systems, the light on airport runways, and much more. As an energy data management system (EDMS), it also ensures the more sustainable use of energy resources throughout the traffic network.

Optimum operation of railways, airports or road networks


With zenon, public transport and traffic is easily and economically controlled and maintained. The solutions with zenon are as diverse as they are sustainable in this area. For example, they are useful for both the automation of substations in rail traffic as well as the control of tunnel backup systems. In addition, zenon offers SCADA functionalities for public transportation control rooms. Comprehensive reporting possibilities support energy management in transportation – such as for airports or underground railways – and thus ensure sustainable use of the resources of water and energy.

The tunnel under control


An important area where zenon is used is the monitoring of assistance systems in road or rail tunnels, such as emergency power supply or fire alarm systems for example. zenon is an open system that integrates different technologies and third-party systems without further interfaces. You can read in data from various sources with zenon, including emergency power equipment, camera systems, lighting, intercoms or fire alarms.

zenon as EDMS for energy efficiency and more sustainability


With smart cities, sustainable use of valuable resources such as energy and water is most important. No matter if in public buildings or in the public transportation network, zenon helps you, as an energy data management system (EDMS), to identify potential savings and achieve them in the best possible way. zenon provides the basis for deciding on the correct actions by automatically collecting and analyzing energy data, while also complying with the requirements of the TÜV-Süd "Certified Energy Data Management" standard as per ISO 50001, an important standard for the implementation of sustainable consumption targets.

zenon for public transport


zenon for public transport

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