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World Economic Forum 2024

COPA-DATA will return to Davos in January 2024 and join the 54th Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum as an Associate Partner.

The partnership with the World Economic Forum underscores COPA-DATA’s dedication to actively contribute to shaping a sustainable and resilient global future. It emphasizes the crucial role of technology and collaboration in addressing the world’s most pressing issues, as well as possible solutions. COPA-DATA will actively involve its industry know-how in WEF’s “Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Supply Chains”, focusing on the priorities of “Technology and Innovation” as well as “Sustainable Operations”.


Technology for complex challenges

The World Economic Forum, renowned for its high-profile meetings throughout the year, serves as a pivotal platform for global leaders from governments, international organizations, influential companies, civil society, and academia to debate on pressing issues. The focus on exploring opportunities presented by new technologies aligns with COPA-DATA's commitment to leveraging innovative software to address complex challenges. The Annual Meeting 2024, held from January 15 to 19 in Davos, Switzerland, will spotlight the theme "Building Trust".


Global innovator: Stefan Reuther, Member of the Management Board at COPA-DATA, at the WEF 2023 in Davos.

Three representatives from COPA-DATA, including Stefan Reuther, Member of the Executive Board will be actively participating in Davos. “We believe in the power of innovative approaches to tackle global challenges. Our perspective is OT software-driven, but we also understand the requirements of digitalization and embed them in modern IT infrastructures. Nobody on the planet has the one solution to solve all man-made problems. But together we may have a chance for change. That’s why we want to talk to those responsible in business and politics and try to play our part in leaving a positive legacy for future generations”, explains Stefan Reuther.



Emilian Axinia, Director of Industry Management Sustainability Solutions and Food & Beverage, emphasizes the need for impactful global action, stating that engagement with the World Economic Forum represents an opportunity to collaborate with like-minded people and organizations towards achieving goals such as Net Zero by 2050.


The company aims to contribute its software solutions to enhance efficiency in manufacturing and energy infrastructure while concurrently reducing the carbon footprint.


Link: World Economic Forum


Header photo: Global Innovators: Stefan Reuther, Member of the Management Board at COPA-DATA and Verena Kuhn, Head of Innovator Communities World Economic Forum, early 2023 in Davos.



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