Energy Data Management in the Automotive Industry with zenon

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How you can use zenon to manage your energy data in a simple and clear manner


Not only is awareness of environmental sustainability increasing in companies, the search for opportunities to save money is increasingly in focus as well. The zenon Software Platform provides you with a fast and transparent overview of energy consumption in your company.

Energy Data Management with zenon...

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Energy Data Management with zenon in Vehicle Production

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In the automotive industry, energy costs and controlled resource consumption are crucial to the success of a company. zenon provides you with optimum support by depicting data in a variety of ways – from key performance indicators, energy analyses, trend curves, alarm message lists and events, right up to complex graphical reports. Energy consumption can be comprehensively analyzed, both according to production volume as well as in combination with price data.


Identify savings potential at a glance

When zenon is used as an energy data management system (EDMS), it can help to identify potential savings with respect to consumption. The software platform supports you by automatically collecting and evaluating energy data. You can use this as a basis for decision-making in energy management. Once these potential areas of savings have been identified, corresponding actions can be implemented. This lowers energy costs over the long term. The increasing scarcity of resources and simultaneous increase in energy costs makes this is a crucial advantage for companies – including those outside of the automotive industry.


A small ecological footprint is a powerful public image

A reduction in energy consumption and the associated reduction in the ecological footprint of your company also benefits your public image. The process of handling resources in a more environmentally friendly manner and ensuring sustainable production can be effectively communicated to the public through environmental reports and PR. This delivers positive results for stakeholders and shareholders.


zenon provides support in complying with standards

Legal frameworks and corporate strategies define the rules around energy consumption. Only systems that fulfill certain specifications and requirements are certified. As an energy data management system, zenon supports the implementation of energy and environmental standards, like ISO 50001. zenon is certified as it meets the requirements stipulated in the TÜV Süd standard "Certified energy data management system".


Full transparency with respect to energy consumption

zenon supports more than 300 different communication protocols, including international standards. Thanks to this variety of drivers and the associated high level of connectivity, many different meters can be connected to the energy data management system and evaluated. This reveals unique production energy consumption values in a transparent way. In the past, it was often unclear how much energy was required in respective production areas. One example of an energy flow evaluation is the Sankey diagram, which depicts the energy within the company in a clear, easy-to-understand format. This provides users with both an improved cost awareness and the opportunity to proactively take action to save money.