zenon as an interdisciplinary tool in the automotive industry


Manufacturers in the automotive industry need a flexible production and machine data management solution. With an interdisciplinary control system, you can manage several aspects of production with a single platform, boosting efficiency and keeping data organized.

Alarm Administration with zenon...

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Alarm Administration with zenon in the Automotive Industry

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The benefits of zenon for interdisciplinary usage


COPA-DATA's automation solution, zenon Software Platform, is an interdisciplinary production control system that offers several advantages to automotive manufacturers.


Benefits include:

  • Data management: zenon allows operations to link and compare data across the entire floor. View every machine in any location in a single glance and gain valuable insights regarding usage metrics. This connection to your data makes system planning easier.
  • Logging and archiving: As your systems run, zenon logs everything that occurs and archives it into Historian. You can access historical data at any time and use the analysis feature to optimize system efficiency and enact fault detection when problems arise.
  • Energy optimization: zenon tracks energy consumption across your operation, so you can identify patterns in energy usage between departments. Make changes to your workflow to optimize energy usage and limit CO2 production.
  • Shift diaries: Adjust controls and documentation based on shift information for precise control of your system processes. Use shift data as meta-information for calculating key figures and generating valuable reports, or reference shift data for developing your facility's infrastructure. 
  • Digital twins: Manage your physical plant by mapping and integrating it into zenon. Using process data, zenon can create a digital twin for access at any time to help you better manage your plant and its systems.
  • Highly flexible infrastructure: zenon's flexible infrastructure allows the solution to quickly adapt to changing systems and expanding operations for complete scalability. With multiple options through the Engineering Studio architecture, operators can control their plants anytime, anywhere. 
  • Visible communications: Connect zenon to large displays or Andon boards to deliver real-time operational data and keep your factory floor running smoothly. With visible communication, workers stay on the same page through every shift, and every process runs smoothly.
  • Cost reduction: Operations can cut down on costs in multiple ways with zenon. The platform connects you to every process, allowing you to find and fix operational errors for improved efficiency and reduced downtime. zenon also offers predictive maintenance to save your operation money on costly repairs.
  • Efficient and reliable production: Predictive maintenance ensures your systems run smoothly for the long term, while optimized systems lead to reduced operator errors. Fewer errors improve efficiency and increase safety.
  • Data visualization: Our platform visualizes extensive processes in real time to give operators complete visibility into individual equipment, production locations and total facilities. Choose your scope based on your needs, and watch zenon create the process. 
  • HTML5 web browser visualization: View zenon's valuable data in a familiar web environment with HTML5 capabilities. You can access your most important production information in any browser that supports HTML5 and count on secure authentication for data safety.

Choose zenon as your interdisciplinary production control system


zenon allows automotive manufacturers to address multiple disciplines to create synergies across business roles. This added cohesion improves efficiency and optimizes complete operations. COPA-DATA has decades of experience in this industry, and zenon's ongoing improvements are a testament to our innovation.

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