Andon Boards for the Automotive Industry

Andon boards are digital dashboards used in a manufacturing site to display key figures in the process flow. When something goes wrong in the process or with component quality, the Andon board will show the error. While this alert is helpful for automotive operations, it's essential that the message is received as soon as the error occurs. With zenon, automotive manufacturers are always informed about process mistakes and where they occurred.


The benefits of using zenon for Andon boards


Where Andon boards are normally a detached stand-alone solution equipped with special software, zenon takes a different approach. The hardware independence of the software platform integrates the Anodon boards holistically into the operating process.


In zenon Engineering Studio, all screens, including Andon boards, are created just by setting parameters, without any additional programming effort. The wizards it includes perform a variety of standardized and recurring tasks relating to creating a project.  Adjustments are possible easily, even while the system is running.


All data is recorded and stored in the zenon Historian. Each data record that is saved there contains the variable value, the time stamp in milliseconds and the variable status. This means that data can also be classified historically and analyzed correctly at any time.


The platform's flexibility, advanced digital processes and simplified user interface allow users to gain valuable data from production lines and make meaningful changes to process designs, machinery and productivity levels.


Diagnose problems and find solutions


Andon boards in automotive manufacturing are used to identify errors the moment they occur, but with the sheer size of production lines in the industry, it's possible to miss these warnings from a single source.


Alarm administration is integrated consistently in zenon. Even if production plants have been developed over time and have a range of different equipment, zenon can be used for alarm administration without the need for additional software components.


When zenon integrates with an Andon board, it can identify the root of a problem to lead you to an immediate solution. With this technology, automotive manufacturers can minimize downtime and remain on the tight deadlines required to compete in the industry.

Analyze your production line


Many key performance indicators (KPIs) only deliver strategically valuable information when they are linked sensibly with other parameters, such as production figures. Integrating zenon into the overall process enables links like this to be established easily, and therefore relative KPIs to be calculated.


zenon has integrated analytics and reporting tools to provide valuable data about line performance, alarm evaluation, product quality and efficiency. While Andon boards alert operations to errors in the product line, zenon's reporting provides a comprehensive view of errors over time. Incoming alarm analysis sheds light on the alarm causes and frequency of certain alarms. As a result, you obtain valuable information on how to improve your OEE. Identify patterns in performance issues to gain insights about process line changes or machinery upgrades to keep your operation as efficient as possible.


Manage machine data


With access to historical and real-time data, zenon streamlines machine management. View shift diaries, operating errors, energy usage and more to assess machine health and make informed decisions about maintenance and equipment upgrades. Keeping the most efficient machines in every production area creates a more productive operation overall.


Improve flexibility


With HTML5 graphical capabilities and web visualization, zenon works seamlessly with Andon boards to provide clear status updates for current production processes. This infrastructure and network topology flexibility also lend it to the fast-growing product lines that are present in the automotive sector.


Optimize automotive Andon boards with zenon


With the presence of Andon boards in the automotive industry, a flexible data management platform is essential for optimizing live status displays. zenon undergoes a continuous development cycle to ensure processes and capabilities meet modern requirements, like Andon boards. Contact COPA-DATA today for more information about zenon.