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Efficient engineering with zenon

Ergonomics in engineering [1/5]

Ergonomics in zenon starts with the continuous development environment of the zenon Product Family. You gain from synergies in engineering from the PLC programming right up to complex SCADA projects. This eases working and is an optimal prerequisite for quick and error-free engineering.

Efficient Engineering

Fact Sheet

Efficient Engineering

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A consistent solution from sensor to ERP

zenon can be expanded in a modular fashion and will grow with your requirements, with flexible expansions, thereby guaranteeing the security of your investment. All products from the zenon Product Family integrate themselves seamlessly. Reusability is continuously guaranteed thanks to joined databasis and zenon projects are completely scalable. This allows, for example, for zenon Operator created HMI projects to be easily developed further to a complex SCADA system with zenon Supervisor. zenon Analyzer completes the applications with Dynamic Production Reporting.

Fast Facts

  • Consistent software platform
  • Synergies in engineering
  • Reusability within the zenon Software Platform
  • Set parameters instead of programming

Consistency in Engineering

The consistency of zenon has set new standards in the HMI/SCADA world.

  • Consistent software platform starting from IEC 61131-3 programming with zenon Logic right up to the powerful reporting with zenon Analyzer;
  • Platform independent on all Windows versions;
  • Consistency from PC to CE panels; both can be used both as client and as server;
  • Projects can run on both PC as well as CE panels without adaptation;
  • Vertical integration from field level through to superordinate ERP systems;
  • Consistent information flow right to the Smartphone via zenon Everywhere Server;
  • Resolution-independent project configuration – a project for all systems, from multiple monitor systems through to mobiles;
  • Complete backward compatibility also enables zenon projects which are based on older versions to be edited at any time.

The zenon Philosophy (Independence)