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Integration in existing systems

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Everybody knows zenon, it talks to everybody and knows all languages. This is roughly how the communication abilities of zenon are described. Your advantage here is: it easily integrates into any machine - irrespective of how old or from which manufacturer it may come. You can get the maximum out of your existing hardware and are completely flexible when it comes to new investments.

Integration in existing Systems

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Integration in existing Systems

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Freedom in Hardware choice

zenon provides over 300 communication protocols. You have the freedom to decide on the hardware with which you want to work. New machines or modules can be included quickly and easily integrated. All hardware drivers are developed at the COPA-DATA headquarters. This ensures optimal performance and guarantees full support.

Standards in communication

zenon supports all common standards such as OPC UA, SNMP (SNMPv3), Modbus RTU, Open Modbus, TCP, Weihenstephan WS, and more. The certified UPC UA Server, the KEMA certified IEC 61850 driver, the certified SAP ERP interface and the active cooperation in the workgroup. Weihenstephan standards stand as an example of COPA-DATA`s demand for high quality.

Fast Facts

  • Freedom in hardware choice
  • Supported standards
  • Capable of integration in existing systems
  • Certified SAP ERP interface
  • Fully scalable


The zenon Philosophy (Vertical Integration)

Integration in existing systems

Standardized interfaces (ODBC/OLE DB) are used to connect easily with all common database systems, such as Oracle, MSSQL Server, DB2, Informix etc. A database interface can be configured with a few mouse clicks.


Communication with external system

You can communicate via the Process Gateway with superordinate applications as desired.

Communication with ERP systems

zenon also easily communicates with ERP Systems. For example via the certified interface to SAP ERP or the integrated interface to Microsoft Dynamics.

Integration in existing network infrastructures

zenon’s flexible network solutions make simple integration into existing infrastructures particularly easy and allow new infrastructures to be created quickly and reliably.


zenon projects are fully scalable. For example, you can start with a simple HMI application at a machine, then network various machines and equipment and complete your application with a supervisory SCADA application. This guarantees full flexibility at every project stage.

Cross-system reporting

The zenon Analyzer enables any existing data sources to be integrated in order to create equipment-wide analyses. For example, the analysis of consumption of material, alarms or KPIs such as OEE.