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zenon as a Distribution Management System (DMS)

Energy distribution management within one platform

zenon Energy Edition from COPA-DATA offers software solutions for the monitoring and optimization of electrical grids. Control your distribution management system with confidence and benefit from quick project configuration, easy operation and maximum security.


If you are looking for a smart all-in-one solution to monitor and control the energy grids, zenon will be a great fit for your distribution management system. From configuring a project, through visualization, to reporting and legally-compliant archiving, zenon offers a wide range of applications that make your operations secure, stable and efficient.


Automate complex command sequences

Complex switching processes require precise planning and operator focus when being carried out. The zenon Command Sequencer can automate the execution of switching operations

and avoids potential errors. You can use it to create command sequences in a protected environment and test these as a simulation. Execution in live operation is carried out automatically. This prevents incorrect switching operations and increases supply security


Full situational awareness

A core function of zenon is the Worldview. The complete grid, including all energy generators, switching equipment and lines are displayed in graphical form and with a clear overview. From

there, you can zoom in and out on components of the grid at any level of details and gain the insights you need to make an informed decision.


Play back past events with the integrated process recorder

Understanding previous interruptions to your grid helps to prevent them from becoming recurring problems. Rather than searching through results and measured values in recorded lists, zenon’s built-in Process Recorder records and plays the process screens and the measured values as they were in the past. The prior status of switching devices is displayed immediately and can be analyzed more easily. Using the time bar, you can easily navigate to any point in time, which allows you to better analyze problems, deduce the time of faults and record affected grid areas.


Quick fault location and alerts

zenon activates alarms in the event of short circuits and ground faults. Collecting signals from your protection devices and using impedance measurements, zenon can visualize the location or direction of faults. This is displayed in the line coloring and markers in the network screen. You are then able to locate the faults and limit the impact more quickly, use service personnel more effectively and improve supply quality.


Customizable interface for a better user experience

zenon runs in control rooms that require around the clock operations through shift work. Shift operators have their preferred user interfaces. Based on the user login, each operator can customize the layout of their screens at their station. Once saved, the preferences will automatically display every time the operator signs on.


From IEC 61850 to modbus energy

The zenon Software Platform supports all common communication protocols in the energy industry (IEC 61850, IEC 60870, DNP3, Modbus Energy, IEC 61400-25, etc.). It is also well equipped for IoT applications. Microsoft Azure IoT Cloud, including native Microsoft Azure IoT Cloud



You can find a complete overview of all communication protocols supported by zenon here. Further functions include easy-to-use reporting, legally-compliant archiving alarm message lists and much more.


To learn more about how to use zenon as a DMS for your electrical grid, contact us today.


zenon as a Distribution Management System

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zenon as a Distribution Management System

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zenon Energy Edition Product Information

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