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Manage renewable energy with zenon

A clear solution for renewable energy management

zenon Energy Edition from COPA-DATA monitors, controls and optimizes equipment for renewable energy generation. You can control complete wind parks and combine several items of distributed equipment into one single system. This simplifies operation, reduces costs and increases productivity.


Equipment for the generation of renewable energy, with its particular way of operation and performance, creates high demands for monitoring, control and analysis. From the configuration of the application, through the visualization and control, to the reporting, zenon has numerous functions to increase efficiency.


Manage resources from generation to distribution

zenon offers an integrated environment and relevant features for the generation and distribution of electricity as well as equipment management. Whether it is a wind park, solar power equipment, or a small hydro-electric power plant, the control and operation can be developed all in one application. zenon provides solutions for the management of equipment, electricity generation from renewable energy, and the electrical distribution in a substation environment. With the numerous communication interfaces (including IEC 61850/IEC 61400-25, DNP3) and the reliable mechanisms for command processing, zenon covers your needs from generation to distribution.


Versatile and scalable renewable energy management software

zenon offers a fully functional SCADA solution The visualization provides a customizable display of the complete network, from a full overview to the detailed analysis of individual components and information. Special functions in the field of alarm management ensures maximum security.


You can link several items of equipment into one complete system. zenon enables communications across multiple sites via remote protocols such as IEC 60870, and has native support for cloud infrastructures, such as Microsoft Azure. You can then create a consistent, scalable and cost-efficient system, even for widely distributed networks over large geographical areas.


Reports for all applications

zenon’s reporting tool includes a comprehensive set of report templates for various applications, such as the operation of wind parks or hydro-electric power stations. This allows you to quickly create reports for a clear display of data, like energy gains and losses across the network.


Explore additional functionalities

The zenon Software Platform offers additional functionalities, such as customizable visualizations, simple and quicker access to alarms, events, trends and reports independent of time or location, as well as legally-compliant archiving.


To learn more about how to manage renewable energy generation with zenon, contact us today.


Ergonomics for Renewable Energy

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Ergonomics for Renewable Energy

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zenon Energy Edition


zenon Energy Edition

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Improved oversight and knowledge sharing at DaeMyoungEnergy by EMS (South Korea)

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