Automation in the Automotive Industry with zenon

From a single sensor to an entire organization


In the automotive industry, where price wars and competitive pressure reign, the zenon Software Platform is a flexible source of support in helping you to achieve your operational goals. zenon is an end-to-end automotive industry software, supporting everything from component supply to the delivery of new vehicles. Heterogeneous hardware landscapes can be connected with ease and even equipment that is later incorporated into a production process can be integrated without a hitch. 

zenon creates flexibility and openness. It generates horizontal and vertical integration from one end of a process to the other, from a single sensor to an entire organization. Data obtained from different sites can even be compared by cloud. zenon as a solution is taking automotive manufacturing  to the next level.


A wide variety of possible applications

The possible applications for zenon as an automotive manufacturing software range from energy data management through automated engineering and alarm management and beyond to smart automotive factories. Digital twins in zenon enables you to predict how the physical counterpart might behave. As a result, you will always be prepared for every eventuality. The interaction between zenon and the ERP system in your organization gives you direct access to production data in its full context.


User-friendliness in all areas

Task-based operator interfaces can be switched over as appropriate for specific users at the touch of a button – it is even possible to distinguish between units and languages. All aspects of documentation are automated in zenon. Customizable reports are generated in real time or based on historical data. Alarms can be acknowledged safely on mobile terminals and a comprehensive range of analysis options enable the causes of production stoppages to be identified in next to no time. zenon is your platform for process optimization.


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Automation in the Automotive Industry with zenon

Adam Sury, Executive Chairman, INFOSTER Sp. z o.o.

on zenon:

"In over twenty-five years working as a Computer Scientist, Systems Designer and Programmer, I have never seen such a flexible, open and reliable system as zenon!"

Alexander Ettinger, Project Technician, PROTEC Steuerungen + Prozesstechnik GmbH

on zenon:

"The zenon SAP connection is a game changer, just as zenon redundancy is. One click and it works - it's great!"

Milka Vukoja, IT Engineer, Collini Diensleistungs GmbH

on zenon:

„The SAP interface works absolutely perfectly and the speed with which one can access SAP data is amazing.“

Thomas Lantermann, Mitsubishi Electric Europe

on zenon:

"We are simply amazed how quickly, easily and effectively the COPA-DATA solution was created to our specifications."

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  • Smart Factories in Automotive

    zenon enables industrial automation in the production areas of the automotive industry and ensures more transparent processes with lower risk.

  • Energy Data Management with zenon

    Not only is awareness of environmental sustainability increasing in companies, the search for opportunities to save money is increasingly in focus as well. The zenon Software Platform provides you wit...

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    The zenon alarm administration application used in vehicle production has a simple structure and definition of alarms, which makes error correction easier. Downtime can be reduced and employees can re...

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  • EnMS / ISO 50001
  • Usability
  • Performance
  • Information
  • Digitalization in the Automotive industry

    How automotive manufacturers can take the path to Industry 4.0 and remain competitive.

  • Digital workflows and checklists

    Smart Checklist is a function for digital workflows and checklists. It ensures increased efficiency and fewer errors in workflow management.

  • zenon as an HMI in Automotive

    The advantages of zenon as a consistent software system include, among other things, hardware independence. zenon as an HMI offers usability and ergonomics.

  • Wizard Creation for Automated Engineering

    A wizard automates recurring engineering processes. You can thereby achieve a marked time and cost reduction when implementing a project.

  • Direct communication with the TIA portal

    The S7 TIA direct driver in zenon for direct access to the TIA portal.

  • Smart Automotive Production

    Vertical and horizontal networking as a success factor in smart automobile production.

  • Fault management with zenon

    A quick reaction to production interruptions and standstills will prevent enormous costs. Find out more about how zenon can be implemented as an early warning system.

  • Central Control System (CCS)

    A central control system helps you keep an overview of your production. There are numerous benefits offered when using zenon.

  • Fault and KPI Management

    Timely fault management and constant monitoring of relevant KPIs keep processing times to a minimum and avoids lengthy downtimes.

  • PLC Diagnosis: S7 Graph in zenon

    Complex S7 Graph control units are often used in assembly line production. You can keep a complete overview with the zenon "PLC diagnosis" module.

  • ISO 50001 - Drivers and Interfaces

    A reliable and seamless communication via drivers and interfaces is the basis for valid energy data.

  • Everywhere App by zenon for your Smartphone

    The Everywhere App by zenon - This is how you can have your production under control at any time.

  • Energy Data Management with zenon

    Evaluate energy data, optimize equipment and reduce energy costs with zenon.

  • What you need to know about the ISO 50001...

    Our White Paper gives you an overview of the most common questions about an ISO 50001:2011 certification.

  • Energy Management, Energy Data Collection & ISO...

    Energy Management System according to ISO 50001 – zenon supports your Energy Data Collection in the Automotive industry.

  • ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems in...

    Find out what the ISO 50001:2011 standard offers the Automotive industry and acquire a certified Energy Management System with zenon.

  • Saving Engineering Time with the zenon...

    Save up to 98% engineering time when creating HMI/SCADA projects. We show you how it is done!

  • Ergonomics in Automation

    When you think about Automation do you connect it to machinery and equipment? That is correct of course, but there is more to it!

  • Profitable Engineering for HMI SCADA projects

    Reduce your engineering times by up to 80%. zenon is solely oriented in supporting you for quick engineering.

  • Intelligent optimization with the zenon Analyzer

    zenon Analyzer offers a variety of possibilities for the automotive industry. Discover hidden potential in production with the help of clear reports.

  • Multi-Touch HMI/SCADA applications with zenon

    As the first worldwide HMI/SCADA system, zenon enables complete Multi-Touch features. Increase usability and security!

  • Optimum transport as the key to efficient...

    The key to efficient production and good Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is the HMI/SCADA system zenon.

  • DCMI – Dynamical Car Manufacturing Interface

    The DCMI (Dynamical Car Manufacturing Interface) allows consistent and standardized quality management across all production steps.

  • Excellent project management. zenon.

    zenon offers you a multitude of tools to create a transparent platform of information. In configuring, implementing or in service and maintenance.

  • Production and Performance Management with zenon

    Your facilities hold no secrets from you. You see immediately what is running perfectly and where you need to intervene. Stay informed with zenon.

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