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How automation works in the brewery industry

In beer manufacturing, automation is the key to meeting demand and staying creative. With COPA-DATA and zenon, beer manufacturers can boost efficiency, add flexibility and continue innovating.



Automation's role in the brewing industry

The craft beer industry has expanded into a massive market, demanding high product output and constant creative development. As manufacturers struggle to keep up with this market boom, they often turn to automation.


Beer manufacturing automation makes it possible for industry leaders to create consistent product lines that adapt to new beers as needed. With craft brewing relying on creative flavor profiles and fascinating new products, flexibility is nonnegotiable.


Beer brewing automation's ease of use accommodates workers of all skill levels, preventing the need for long-term training programs and excessive downtimes. Small operations can expand without hesitation as these automated systems improve output immensely.

How zenon's automation can help your brewery

With automation becoming a powerful solution for breweries everywhere, COPA-DATA's software, zenon, is your automation solution. With zenon, you can:


  • Satisfy demand: With zenon's automation, you can employ the same number of workers while increasing product line efficiency. As a scalable solution, you can adapt your processes to your product demand without making large-scale changes to your system.
  • Manage energy data: Energy usage plays a significant role in any product line, impacting costs and overall efficiency. With zenon, you can collect and analyze your energy data to create the highest product output with the lowest energy usage.
  • Use programs with ease: zenon's user-friendly interface makes it possible for workers of all skill levels to use the Programs such as Engineering Studio and Service Engine allow for templated applications and customizable interfaces to appeal to any user.
  • Increase flexibility:  With different beers requiring various temperatures and fermentation periods, manufacturers need automation systems to quickly adapt processes for every product. zenon's Engineering Studio allows you to design projects with set parameters and switch between these projects as needed.
  • Integrate new technology with current systems: With zenon's openness, you can integrate legacy and new systems with the platform for an overall system improvement. Simple parameters allow you to avoid equipment validation, while intuitive modules make it possible to quickly introduce new devices and enable machinery.
  • Meet standards: Beer manufacturing relies on International Society of Automation (ISA)88 standards for batch process control. We've designed zenon with these regulations to ensure compliance during every process.
  • Be consistent and creative: Brewery automation with zenon keeps every brewing process consistent, regardless of beer type. With recipe management, you can create new brewing procedures at any time and stay competitive in the market.


Choose zenon for your beer manufacturing automation

zenon offers the advanced flexibility and precision you need in the brewery industry. At COPA-DATA, we have over 30 years of experience in system automation. We also actively improve zenon for the best results on any product line. Contact us today to learn more about our software.


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