IT/OT Convergence in the Pharmaceutical Industry

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Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) offers many excellent opportunities, even in the strictly regulated pharmaceutical and life science industries.


IT/OT convergence is an important aspect to consider so that this vision can be put into practice.

IT-OT convergence in Life Science...

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IT-OT convergence in Life Science industries

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Company level vs. production level – IT vs. OT?

A functioning IIoT requires the business domain and the production operations to communicate with one another. Machines in a production environment can deliver data, but how are these brought into the business level to be able to make well-grounded decisions?


IT (Information Technology) belongs to the organization level, which includes the business orientation. OT (Operational Technology) orientates itself at the production level. The technology that is in use today is so advanced that it can cover both areas adequately, and the differences between these two areas is actually now only historic. The biggest subject in IT/OT convergence is the alignment of information from both levels in order to provide a common structure for the information flow.


The two levels can communicate seamlessly with one another through the native communication possibilities of zenon. With a smooth bi-directional connection and integral functionality, production and business levels are moving closer together. This provides management with an improved overview of the production level and production processes can be more efficiently executed.


Read more about IT/OT convergence in regulated industries in this white paper.