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Utility Management in the Food industry and Beverage Industry with zenon

Ensure stable and efficient utilities in your production


Production facilities require energy, coolant, heat, compressed air, gases and much more so that they can run. As a central and comprehensive monitoring and control system, zenon not only increases availability, but also enhances performance.

Utility Management in F&B Industry...

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Utility Management in F&B Industry with zenon

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Production facilities in the food and beverage industry require a number of utilities and units, which play a major role in the macroeconomic consideration of equipment. Wastewater, exhaust gases and waste must, for example, be treated or disposed of in a legally-compliant manner. An efficient use of the utilities can lead to considerable cost savings.


Integration of heterogeneous infrastructure

Utilities include compressors, coolers, heaters, equipment for water treatment and wastewater treatment, exhaust gas filters and much more as well as their control systems. Thanks to the many native interfaces, zenon can integrate different technologies and software standards into one central system. In this way not only is the pure production process, but the supply of the system with media and operating and auxiliary materials is also recorded and integrated into the monitoring. This makes it more efficient and safer to control the system, and you can identify and realize potential savings.


All data in one system

The central recording of data from the utilities relieves personnel, since they have to go to the units and their operating devices, which are often far away, only when it is necessary. Users also benefit from integrated functions, such as top-down camera views, alarm and event lists, trends, the display of key performance indicators and much more. The personnel receives the information in real-time and role-based so that they can respond quickly in the event of an alarm, regardless of where they are at the time. Since both the parameters from the utilities as well as the process data are available, these units can also be efficiently monitored and, in cases of emergency, deviations can be quickly identified and understood. Personnel avert critical situations better, even when they are busy with other tasks or are not present. Conclusion: zenon generates valuable information from data that gets to the point and leads to added value. This prevents equipment shutdowns and increases availability and productivity.


User-friendly monitoring and analysis of the equipment

zenon offers a number of user-friendly tools for monitoring and analyzing the utilities. These include the Process Recorder to easily see past processes, meaningful reports, 3D models of the equipment to quickly localize alarms, and much more. Availability increases, maintenance and material costs are reduced and the consumption of supply media can be optimized.


Safely available in the entire network

zenon’s network technology makes it possible to completely integrate the HMI and monitoring systems of the utilities into the production process. The local plant data of the units is automatically available for the entire network via secure data transfer. In this way, the applications have continuously up-to-date data. Since the utilities are not operated isolated from the process, potential for efficiency increases and improvements and be identified and utilized.


Access rights associated with the network-wide data flow in real-time must be checked to introduce new and more efficient operating concepts. The user concept in zenon is integrated and secure across all systems, for example thanks to the integration of Active Directory.