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Food and Beverage Manufacturing Line Management

Comprehensive line management is an important aspect of ensuring your production runs smoothly. With the right management software, you can gain an insightful overview of your manufacturing process and find ways to holistically optimize your production. Production line software gives you the clear analysis and recommendations you need to gradually optimize your production process. 


Food and beverage packaging lines consist of many different machines, equipment and devices that can become difficult to keep track of. Thanks to the connectivity of zenon, you can easily integrate and operate them. zenon's integrated software interface allows you to gain insights into the health of your equipment, stay on top of preventive maintenance and find ways to increase productivity. 



Line management challenges for food and beverage manufacturers

Line management isn't without its challenges. Some difficulties common to beverage companies and food plant line management include:


  • Complete line overview: Line managers need to be constantly attentive to machine status, downtime, projected output, machine staffing and more. To maintain output levels, line managers must have constant, up-to-date information regarding equipment status. 
  • Live KPIs: Through live KPIs, line managers can see the current performance of their complete line as well as the individual machines. Live KPIs give you insight into OEEs, availability, performance, quality, output and mean time between failures.
  • Historic analysis: Insights from historic analysis allow your company to understand how much product your line has manufactured in terms of daily, weekly and monthly output. Historic analysis lets you pinpoint which machines were responsible for the most downtime and losses and provides you with in-depth alarm statistics. 


The line management benefits of zenon for food and beverage manufacturing

zenon is a powerful software platform that makes line management and automated operation simple for food and beverage manufacturers. It addresses the challenges that many food and beverage manufacturing line management environments experience and can provide a wide range of additional insights that help you improve operations across many different areas. This robust solution can:



zenon's line management features

zenon creates a landscape facilitating automated engineering and simple user control. Food and beverage factory line management often benefits from the following features:


  • Data analysis: If you want to improve your production line, you need to understand it. zenon collects a massive range of data, from production information to energy consumption and alarm triggers. It also simplifies sorting this data with an integrated filter and in-depth reporting tools.
  • Template reporting: When it's time to export that data, our reporting features include various templates so you can report on your OEE, analyze energy data or benefit from our other specialized reporting capabilities.
  • Historical data archiving: Historical data is a significant part of optimizing your equipment performance. zenon can deliver historical data archival and analysis with features like weekly, monthly and annual reports. 
  • Role-based information: Different employees need different pieces of information, and zenon adapts to that, showing information according to the role of the user. Whether they're in the control room or on a tablet on the shop floor, the user's role dictates their display, so they can focus on what's important to their needs.
  • Integration of production lines: Heterogeneous production lines include machinery from many different manufacturers at various ages and conditions. zenon brings them together into an easy-to-control system that gathers data from all equipment. It also helps you gain flexibility, as you can adjust your setup as needed to meet changing industry needs.
  • Management of multiple locations: zenon can even be expanded into a cloud application and pull data from a variety of locations, whether they're in different countries or the same town. Get live data and control across the company.


Learn more about the zenon Software Platform

When it comes to food and beverage manufacturing line management, zenon can provide benefits across your production line and business. zenon comes from COPA-DATA, a company known for introducing innovation in this industry since 1987. We're committed to continually improving zenon and regularly update its logic and algorithms to meet evolving needs.


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