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Line Management with zenon

Optimize production lines in the Food and Beverage Industry with zenon


The line management of a production line not only gives you an overview of the entire line, but also makes it possible to respond quickly to changes or complications. It supports you with clear analyses and recommendations to gradually optimize the production process.

Line Management with zenon

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Line Management with zenon

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Often, different machines, equipment and devices are used in a production line in the food and beverage industry. Thanks to the connectivity of zenon, these can easily be integrated and efficiently operated. zenon helps to avoid faults or failures of individual components. Faulty batches or expensive equipment downtime are thus avoided.


The production line under control

A line management that is implemented with zenon gives the production team the status of the current batch, alarms and events in real-time and can intervene in the event of imminent complications. This saves money and prevents faults and downtimes and therefore production losses.


Clear analyses for clear results

Large amounts of data are accumulated in a production line, which need to be processed. zenon is equipped to handle these amounts of data. Not only production data, but also data about energy consumption, alarms, events, etc. are collected, analyzed and archived. Thanks to the integrated filter and reporting tools, you can then get maximum added value from this data. In addition, there are sophisticated algorithms, such as for predictive maintenance.


Templates are available for the reporting, which can quickly and flexibly be adapted to your requirements. This includes reports about the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), analyses for energy data management as per ISO 50001 as well as for maintenance or statistical process control. A clear design and reduction to the most important factors ensures easy comprehension.


The analysis of historical data is tremendously important for optimizing equipment performance. There are also tailor-made intuitive reports for this purpose, such as alarm analyses that provide information about the alarm causes.


Role-based information

All team members require certain information for their tasks, whether it is management, operation, maintenance, consumption or quality assurance, namely in real-time and regardless of location. That is why zenon provides information according to the task and through different technologies: at the machine, in the control room or mobile, with exactly the content that is required and in a manner that is adapted to the handler’s role. In this way, everyone gets exactly the information they need so they can focus on their tasks.


Integrating heterogeneous production lines

Production lines are usually heterogeneous and consist of machines, devices and components from different manufacturers from different years of manufacture, which also are replaced or upgraded on occasion. You can integrate almost any data source with zenon: machines, measuring devices, hardware and software and other components, whether they are already existing or are new. In this way, you implement the line management without restrictions and benefit from the scalability and flexibility of the system. You can also respond to the market’s changing requirements more quickly, which is a decisive competitive advantage.


Keep track of everything

Food and beverage manufacturers with several production locations, often in different countries, need to keep track of all locations. zenon can be expanded into a cloud application that merges data from different locations. This allows you to create cross-location dashboards and reports with live data. In this way, you can compare the performance of individual locations with each other and quickly respond to changing requirements or complications. Management always has an overview of the entire company and can monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) without having to go into detail.