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Food and Beverage Manufacturing HMI

Controlling all of the different components within an industrial factory can be a hefty task, but human-machine interfaces (HMIs) make it much easier and more efficient. An HMI can come in many different forms, but at its core, the term refers to a dashboard that helps a user communicate with a system, such as machinery and computer programs, in an industrial application. For food and beverage facilities, a powerful HMI can mean significant gains across many aspects of your operation.


What food and beverage manufacturers should consider when choosing an HMI solution

If you're considering an HMI solution, you'll first want to think about the needs of your organization:

  • Features: HMIs can connect to a wide range of equipment and include many useful features, like data analysis, alert systems and remote control.
  • Integration: Of course, your HMI must be able to communicate with your machinery. It should have sufficient communication protocols and work with a wide range of systems. This consideration is vital if you want to future-proof your setup.



The benefits of zenon as an HMI for food manufacturers

zenon works within these requirements. This powerful platform from COPA-DATA can be installed easily and used in many ways, on devices like tablets, terminals and built-in dashboards. It offers many features, as outlined below, and can be integrated with a variety of industrial systems.


Other benefits of zenon for the food manufacturing industry include:

  • Improved production capabilities and more reliable product quality: Understand what your equipment is doing at all times and automate the process as much as possible without sacrificing flexibility.
  • Reduced costs: With greater efficiency comes fewer costs.
  • Increased safety: Watch your floor closely and get alerts when systems aren't working as intended.
  • Reduced training time: Easy-to-use systems with user-friendly interfaces make training much simpler.
  • Unified systems: Get standardized operation with systems that work together.


zenon as an HMI

zenon functions as an exceptional HMI, delivering benefits for the manufacturing environment while helping you abide by all appropriate regulations. It incorporates an autonomous or integrated programmable logic controller (PLC) within the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)'s 61131-3 programming environment.



Integrate zenon with current manufacturing systems

Whatever the status of your current manufacturing landscape, zenon can serve as a powerful HMI. This platform:


  • Is user-friendly and ergonomic: It has an easy-to-use custom interface and can incorporate devices that work for you.
  • Has web-based visualization with HTML5: Get a comprehensive view of your facility through HTML5 visualization.
  • Offers visualization and control of complex equipment: You can both see and take control of complicated machinery through zenon.
  • Provides real-time, platform-independent reporting: Regardless of where you're using zenon, it can deliver extensive data analysis and reporting capabilities.


Read more about zenon to see everything it has to offer.


Learn more about zenon

If you're looking for a food or beverage manufacturing HMI that can make your operations more efficient, safer and easier to use, zenon can provide a solution. This powerful platform can match the technical needs of a food plant HMI and stand up to the tough environment. zenon also receives continuous improvement and updates from the experts at COPA-DATA to ensure it provides the capabilities you need. 


Reach out to a COPA-DATA representative to learn more about zenon. 


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With the zenon software platform, you can take your HMIs to the next level. Secure and easy operation for your customers, minimum engineering effort, and maximum connectivity for you.

Next Level HMIs with zenon

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Next Level HMIs with zenon

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