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Building automation with zenon

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Building automation is becoming a sought-after solution to rising utility costs and energy management demands. Studies indicate that building automation software controls more than half of the large-sized buildings (those with more than 100,000 square feet) in the United States. The Asia Pacific market is anticipated to be the fastest-growing region for building automation, as it's a major energy consumer. No matter where you're located, building automation with zenon will control your facility's systems to identify cost and energy savings opportunities.


What is building automation?

A building automation system controls the building's electronic, electric and mechanical systems. As a distributed control system, it unites several building systems into a central location to manage elements such as HVAC, security and lighting. As a computer networking system, a building automation system allows the otherwise separate components to communicate across platforms, languages and software.


Building automation is similar to industrial automation in terms of organizing and facilitating communication between disparate systems. Where industrial automation connects the various robots, machines and equipment in a factory environment, building automation connects the systems in a structure to maintain optimal conditions. 


Benefits of building automation software

The advantages of industrial building automation are:


  • Systems overview: Building automation provides a clear overview of operating conditions and technical parameters.
  • Cost savings: Efficiently run systems that require minimal repairs and downtime are more cost-effective.
  • Energy efficiency: Factory building automation software improves the efficiency of all the systems in the building.
  • Reduced downtime: Automation will extend the life cycle of your utilities and decrease the need for repairs, which also reduces downtime.
  • Reduced personnel: Since building automation directs all systems through a central point, fewer employees are needed for controlling and maintaining building processes.
  • Increased employee productivity: Building automation systems allow employees to focus on other aspects of their roles rather than monitoring building performance.

How zenon helps food & beverage manufacturers with building automation

The zenon platform simplifies industrial building automation to make your sustainability and operational goals achievable. Engineers can use zenon to connect the HVAC, security, lighting, ventilation and other systems to digitize your building operations.


The features of building automation with zenon include:


  • Dashboarding and alarming: Failures of compressed air, heat, power supply and similar utilities will be reported and resolved quickly.
  • Data collection: Capture relevant plant performance data in a central data hub.
  • Reporting and KPIs: Comprehensive analytics and reporting against custom key performance indicators (KPIs) will help your factory meet its goals.
  • Predictive maintenance: Learn about machine operations and repair or replace a machine part before failure.
  • Message control: See and respond to messages right away to increase productivity and avoid downtime.
  • Archive data: Review older data to identify trends.

Learn more about building automation with zenon

A factory building automation software platform such as zenon will increase your energy and cost savings while reducing downtime. COPA-DATA has more than 30 years of experience in building automation, and we are making continuous improvements to the zenon platform to make sure it maintains the necessary logic and algorithms.


If you have questions about building automation software, contact COPA-DATA today.