Efficient engineering of comprehensive projects in energy automation

The start phase, in which the design and development tasks must be defined, is always a critical phase of any project. Engineers often start development without having an actual understanding of the tasks they will encounter.

It is precisely with projects with many variables, tags or elements, that the person creating the project can save much time if they consider the structure precisely beforehand.


zenon functionalities for efficient engineering


Numerous zenon functions help to shape a project consistently from the start. The engineering thus becomes much more efficient and subsequent maintenance is easier. The zenon data types, for example, help to save valuable development time when creating the variables. Substitution in zenon is a further important function that saves time if it is a matter of implementing the visualization in many individual screens.

You can read how substitution and other functions in zenon help you to implement comprehensive, efficient automation of switchgear in this article.


P.S. Since zenon 7.60 (from build 39532), there is now also the possibility of parameter-based substitution of ALC aliases. Detail screens of switchyard sections can be given topological coloring without them having to be drawn several times and without any effects on the ALC configuration – with just one zenon function.

Structured Datatypes Indexed Screen...

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Structured Datatypes Indexed Screen Substitution SEL

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