Standardization vs. flexibility

- a difficult balance?

How can a regulated environment provide the flexibility necessary to repeatedly launch new products on the market, whilst pushing the limits of plant performance?

We show you how to stay flexible – with zenon.

Implementing Standards using zenon

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Implementing Standards using zenon

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There may be many reasons why standardization of the production process is necessary:


Standards are the basis to achieve secure and repeatable results. They can be found at every level: machine level, system level, plant level, conceptual level or corporate level That all levels are connected, makes it even more complex to implement changes. But changes are often necessary. Food & Beverage manufacturers need to introduce new products, react to variable demands, or upgrade production facilities — and therefore maintain flexibility. The zenon philosophy perfectly supports the goal of maintaining flexibility while, at the same time, fulfilling the standards needed. zenon supports standardization with


just to give a few examples - and at the same time gives you freedom and flexibility through

  • hardware independence
  • platform independence
  • process gateway


and many more features and functionalities. This means whenever you change your existing infrastructure, bring new machines in or adopt processes, zenon supports you!


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