Access Reporting at the Machine

How much energy does the machine use per production unit? What does that mean in terms of cost? Was the temperature of the just-produced batch still within the green range? Easily understandable figures, generated and displayed on the panel in an aesthetically appealing format, involve all members of staff in efficient management. With zenon, you can provide comprehensive KPIs and  manufacturing production reports right at the machine level.


  • Create informative KPIs and machine performance reports with ease
  • Efficient engineering of reports displayed on the machine panel
  • Graphical processing for easily understandable presentation


Informative reports, on completed batches, for example, can be created directly at the machine.


Comprehensive manufacturing production reporting at all levels

zenon makes it possible to supply machine operators in the production process with important information. The panel becomes an information interface, providing data relating to previous production batches, energy usage, and much more.


The comprehensive machine performance reporting options can be activated and displayed directly on the machine's operating panel. Operators will thus have all the information they need in a timely manner, presented in an easy-to-understand format. The machine operator can immediately access the production data of the batch just completed and forward batch reports. Of course, reports can also be distributed to specific personnel within your company and subjected to further processing, as necessary.



Supply tailored information

Tailored manufacturing machine operation reports appearing on your operating panel can be implemented with a very small amount of engineering effort because the reporting is seamlessly integrated in the zenon software system. This means that there's no need for any additional software tools. Configuration, data collection, and preparation are carried out efficiently and consistently in zenon. Variables and other project information need only be created once in the project – and you can use them straight away for reporting.


Manufacturing production reports are prepared so they are immediately usable and are presented in a clear and graphically elegant way. As a result, you can turn your operating panel into an effective tool for displaying key figures and data relating to production.