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zenon OPC UA Server - now certified

A continuous flow of data is the basis for communication between several systems. This can be a particular challenge, especially if various systems need to communicate simultaneously. One technology standard which underwrites this is the international standard OPC UA. In 2009, we were one of the first providers to introduce a fully developed OPC Client. Around one year later, the integration of zenon OPC UA Server followed and this has now been certified by the OPC Foundation.

For the first time, thanks to zenon OPC UA Server you can confidently exchange encrypted real time data with a primary system (e.g. MES or ERP). Furthermore, it is possible to use OPC UA Stack (Alarms & Conditions) alarm information to easily communicate and acknowledge alarms in zenon from the primary system.

Safe encryption

With its sophisticated security concept, the zenon OPC UA Server safeguards your data from unwanted intervention from hackers or malware. The integrated encryption technology prevents data traffic from being read or manipulated. Here, the fully automatic installed security certificates of the OPC UA Server have proven to be particularly beneficial, for example, when security critical applications need to be able to communicate via an unprotected network.

Certificate confirms top performance according to OPC Standards

In the US-based test laboratory of the OPC Foundation, the zenon OPC UA Server underwent a complete quality control check, which was successfully completed in July 2012. With the displayed certificate, the OPC Foundation confirms that the zenon OPC UA Server meets the OPC requirements and ensures top performance in regard to compliance, inter-operability, robustness, efficiency and user friendliness. Users can therefore trust in a reliable product which meets the international quality and security standards entirely.


zenon speaks OPC UA – does your equipment too? Contact us  and learn how you too can profit from a continuous and secure data transfer between your systems.