Manage Recipes Intelligently

Subcontractors in the pharmaceutical industry need to be fast and flexible. The product to be produced changes constantly – and so too do the associated manufacturing parameters. Equipment has to be converted on a daily basis. However, this doesn't pose all too great a challenge to the machine operator when parameters such as bottle size, filling level, etc., are supplied at the touch of a button, meaning that machines can be converted in an instant.


  • Reliable operation
  • Clear and transparent
  • Considerable time savings



manage recipes intelligently with zenon

zenon allows you to flexibly and quickly modify recipes in the Service Engine. This means that you can adjust parameters quickly, e.g. when changing over to a different product.



Configure recipes in zenon Service Engine

zenon offers a Recipegroup Manager that can be custom-configured and requires no programming work. The Recipegroup Manager is easy to operate, saving training time for employees who are responsible for the process. And the integrated user authorization function combined with the user-friendly, intuitive design ensures maximum operating safety.



Have everything under control with the Recipegroup Manager

The Recipegroup Manager is flexible in terms of its design and can be incorporated into different production environments with ease. Reading and writing recipes are two central functions in the Recipegroup Manager. Writing a recipe causes it to be transferred from the management system to the controller. zenon then receives feedback from the PLC stating whether the recipe has arrived. When values are read from the controller – known as teaching – they are loaded into the recipe directly. Defined minimum and maximum values are taken into account. Recipes can also be exported and imported.


The operator can view the status of a recipe – for example, “Development”, “Released”, or “Locked” – at any time. The creation, execution, and modification of recipes is linked to the integrated user administration function. Corresponding actions can therefore only be performed by authorized personnel. The integrated versioning of recipes ensures an excellent overview and precise traceability. The strict requirements for safety and reproducibility in industries such as pharmaceutical, food & beverage, and chemical can therefore be satisfied with an out-of-the-box solution.