Secure Data Archiving

The user has all the important data prepared in view on one screen. For example, the current production data, collated in production and visualized in real time. Plus the energy consumption data from the last week as well as the OEE values. The user can track all data precisely, as well as create reports when required and make them available to other users. Everything is therefore provided in one system, creating a complete database of all operational information.


  • One interface for both historical and live data
  • High performance, even with large amounts of data
  • Guaranteed data consistency without loss



complete data recording with zenon

With zenon Historian, data is recorded and preprocessed without interruption so, even when data volumes are high, zenon delivers high-performance reporting. The data can be used to generate informative reports and highlight trends.



Call up real-time data and historical data at the same time

Complete and effective data archiving is an important concern for many production areas. An important advantage of archiving with the zenon Historian is that it is seamlessly integrated in the software system. Therefore it is extremely easy to call up real-time data and access historical data at the same time.


zenon ensures that batches and production stages, shift results, and processes remain replicable and meet stringent requirements, such as those of the FDA. zenon is able to access archived data quickly and reliably and impresses users with its high performance, even when handling large amounts of data.



Complete data recording

The zenon Historian is integrated in the software system and carries out archiving in zenon. It offers a whole host of connection options to various archive stores and databases, including the cloud. With functions such as archive compression, it is able to process even large amounts of data with a high level of performance. Archiving takes place flexibly and in real time, depending on requirements. Values can be written to archives cyclically, based on events, or upon a change.


In order to eliminate the risk of data loss, archiving in zenon is also designed with full redundancy. The complete data record forms the basis for displaying live data, such as current KPIs, or the basis for informative historical reports. Trends enable values to be displayed in detail in relation to the time at which they were recorded.


zenon ensures that all key data is permanently stored and is available for certification and reports at all times.