Reporting across Locations with Cloud Technology

You can now carry out reporting across locations extremely quickly and easily. Get up to speed on the current data from all your equipment anytime and anywhere – or compare two locations in real time. The data is stored directly from production in a cloud-based database and called up from there by the reporting tool. All KPIs are available at any time and are always up to date.


  • Cost-effective scalability of data archives
  • Dashboards and reports across locations
  • Use of historical and live data
  • Benchmark several plants and locations



zenon can report across multiple locations with cloud technology

A connection to the cloud allows you to create dashboards which cover multiple locations and which include real-time energy usage data from various production sites.



The cloud: much more than just additional storage space

Increasing amounts of data are collected and then need to be saved securely. A cost-effective and highly scalable option is offered by cloud storage. When zenon is used in conjunction with a cloud connection, many more options become available than would be the case when large amounts of data are simply archived.

Data from production that is saved in the cloud can be read out again at any time and used in real-time KPIs, historical comparison reports, etc. You therefore quickly benefit from cross-location reporting, can obtain information anytime and anywhere at the touch of a button, or make key data available to employees virtually in real time. The combination of zenon and Microsoft Azure offers you an innovative and stable basis for your individual reporting.



zenon in the cloud

zenon provides you with several ways of using cloud technology in your company. For example, an outsourced archive can be set up in the cloud to save historical data. Combined with a gateway, you can also transfer data directly from the controller to a cloud database and use it for live dashboards across several locations. The high security standards and encryption technologies incorporated into zenon ensure secure transfer and data storage.