Reduce Production Losses in a Targeted Manner

zenon as an Early Warning System


Today, automotive production is characterized by large, global production and logistics networks. Production downtime comes at a high financial cost. It is therefore all the more important to react quickly to interruptions and deviations from the plan and be able to introduce efficient reaction mechanisms and countermeasures.

Fault and KPI Management with zenon

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Fault and KPI Management with zenon

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Added value with zenon

A fault management system that is supported by zenon achieves reduced cycle times and keeps downtimes to a minimum. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are always displayed clearly and up to date. In production, and in fault management too, it is important that a consistent flow of information is guaranteed.


However, the comprehensive amounts of data are not relevant for every person. zenon can distribute individual, target group relevant figures.


If automotive manufacturers implement their fault management with zenon, they are not only able to detect problems in a production line at an early stage, they can also communicate them to neighboring equipment or equipment areas along the entire production chain. Other manufacturing employees are informed about a production standstill and the fault duration and can react quickly, in order to utilize expensive downtimes effectively.


Read this article and find out how zenon can achieve added value as an early warning system in automobile production.