Prolong life-cycles for optimized costs and increased security

In the Food and Beverage Industry, machinery is often expected to have a long lifetime. This can lead to very heterogeneous production environments, with machines running from different generations. In addition, the more outdated the machinery gets, the more difficult its maintenance becomes. This brings specific challenges for maintenance, automation and IT specialists.

Furthermore, sticking to old software systems leads to higher cyber security risks and threats.

Prolonging machine life-cycles with zenon

zenon projects can be reused when hardware, operating systems or the zenon Runtime version is changed.


The long life-cycle of a zenon project and its compatibility makes the entire HMI solution more durable and sustainable. The user can profit from new functionalities continuously if the zenon application is upgraded or as and when the HMI application needs editing or improving. And, of course, the up-to-date software also delivers up-to-date security standards.


In this White Paper you will find out how the software system zenon can prolong the life-cycle of machines in production plants – and make maintenance easier and less costly.

Prolong Machine Life-Cycles with...

White Paper

Prolong Machine Life-Cycles with zenon

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